The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Registered Charity No 270036

The second session of the 41st Council (115th Annual Meeting) will be held on Monday 4 June 2012 in the Colonnade Suite, the Queen Hotel, City Road, Chester, starting at 9.30 a.m. It will be preceded by a Corporate Communion Service at 8.00 a.m. in the Edward Room of the Queen Hotel.

Will members please sign the roll and be in their seats by 9.20 a.m. - the roll will also invite you to sign in as a member of The Ringing World Limited.

The morning session will be adjourned at 12.30 p.m.; at 1.45 p.m. the Annual Meeting of The Ringing World Limited will be held; the afternoon session will resume after that Meeting.


  1. Opening prayer.

  2. Report of the Honorary Secretary as to the representation of societies and subscriptions.

  3. Welcome to new members.

  4. Apologies for absence.

  5. Loss of members through death.

  6. Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting (p.464).

  7. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

  8. Annual Report of the Council (p.469).

  9. Accounts for 2011 (p.471).

  10. Election of Life Member: William Butler is proposed by Bobbie May and seconded by Timothy Pett.

  11. Election of Additional Members:

    Robert Lewis and Jane Wilkinson retire. The following nominations have been received; in accordance with Rule 6(ii), supporting statements for the candidates are given in Appendix A (p.463) of this Agenda:

    Jane WilkinsonDerek SibsonJohn Baldwin
    Robert LewisAndrew WilbyMichael Church
  12. Motions:

    (A) That the commencement of a triennial session be defined in such a way that newly-elected Council members are able to participate in and vote at an annual meeting of The Ringing World Ltd or The Ringing Foundation Ltd if this is held earlier in the weekend than the Council Annual Meeting:

    That Rule 5(iii) be amended to read:

    The election of Representative Members by affiliated Societies shall take place triennially, and the names and addresses of those elected shall be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary together with the Certificate required by Rule 5(i) not later than four weeks before the next Annual Meeting. Each triennial session commences with the Annual Meeting next after each triennial election or an annual meeting of The Ringing World Ltd or The Ringing Foundation Ltd if held in the preceding two days. In the event of a vacancy the new member shall be elected only for the unexpired period of the triennium, and his name and address shall be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary forthwith.

    Proposed on behalf of the Administrative Committee by Tony Smith (Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild), seconded by Mary Bone (Ex-officio).

    (B) That the Peal Records Committee shall include in its annual report a statistical analysis of peals rung by rope and wheel on dumbbell rings or rings of bells with tied clappers, provided that such peals comply in all respects with the Central Council’s conditions for peals with the sole exception of the use of simulated sound in the absence of swinging clappers striking bells of metal.

    Proposed by Andrew Barnsdale (Sussex County Association), seconded by Catherine Lewis (Kent County Association).

    (C) That Rule 16(vii) (Terms of Reference of the Public Relations Committee) be replaced by the following:

    To foster goodwill and mutual understanding between ringers and the non-ringing public; to foster public awareness of ringing; to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between the Council and significant non-ringing bodies (including the media, church and government); and to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between the Council and ringers at large (as individuals and in ringing societies).

    Proposed on behalf of the Public Relations Committee by John Harrison (Oxford Diocesan Guild), seconded by Barrie Dove (Yorkshire Association).

  13. Change Ringing for the Future.

  14. To receive, discuss and if thought fit to adopt the reports of the following Committees; and to pass such resolutions as may be necessary on matters arising from the reports. In all cases one-third of the present members retire and are eligible for re-election if still members of the Council.

    (a) Administrative (p.473):
    John Baldwin, Robert Lewis, Judith Rogers and Andrew Wilby retire. John Baldwin is not seeking re-election. There are 4 vacancies.

    (b) Education (p.473):
    Wendy Graham, Geoff Horritt, Catherine Lewis and Brian Sanders retire. There are 4 vacancies.

    (c) Information and Communications Technology (p.474):
    Alan Chantler and Mike Chester retire. There are 2 vacancies.

    (d) Library (p.474):
    Alison Hodge and Ian Self retire. There are 2 vacancies.

    (e) Methods (p.475):
    Philip Saddleton and Robin Woolley retire. There are 2 vacancies.

    (f) Peal Records (p.475):
    Richard Allton, Ben Duke (co-opted) and Philip Larter retire. There are 5 vacancies.

    (g) Public Relations (p.479):
    Claire Bell has resigned. Alan Chantler, Nicholas Jones (co-opted), Michael Orme and Jane Wilkinson retire. Alan Chantler is not seeking re-election. There are 4 vacancies.

    (h) Publications (p.481):
    Julian Newman and Barbara Wheeler retire. There are 2 vacancies.

    (i) Redundant Bells (p.482):
    John Baldwin and Alan Frost retire and are not seeking re-election. There are 2 vacancies.

    (j) Ringing Centres (p.483):
    Alan Bentley, Roger Booth and Leslie Boyce retire. There are 3 vacancies.

    (k) Ringing Trends (p.483):
    Stephen Elwell-Sutton and Ashley Fortey retire. There are 3 vacancies.

    (l) Towers & Belfries (p.484):
    Peter Bennett, George Dawson, Chris Povey and Bernard Stone retire. There are 4 vacancies.

    (m) Tower Stewardship (p.485):
    Ernie de Legh-Runciman and Chris Mew retire. There are 2 vacancies.

    (n) Bell Restoration (p.485):
    Jackie Roberts is no longer a member of Council. John Barnes, Frank Beech and Ken Davenport retire. There are 4 vacancies.

    (o) Biographies (p.487):
    Pat Halls, John Harrison, Bobbie May and Margaret Oram retire. There are 4 vacancies.

    (p) Compositions (p.487):
    Richard Allton, Stuart Hutchieson and Philip Saddleton retire. There are 3 vacancies.

  15. Report of the Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine Collection (p.488).

  16. Report of the Steward of the Rolls of Honour (p.488).

  17. Report of the Stewards of the Dove Database (p.488).

  18. Central Council Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells (registered charity no. 278816) (p.489):
    Report and Accounts.

  19. Future meetings.

  20. Any other business.

Mary Bone
Hon Secretary

Appendix A
Additional Member Nominations - Supporting Statements

Jane Wilkinson

Jane was originally elected to the Council to help establish the Committee for Redundant Bells. She has worked energetically throughout her Council membership, serving always on one or other committee or as a Council officer.

She was elected Vice-President in 1993, subsequently serving as the first woman President from 1996 to 1999. This involved leading preparations for the major Ring In 2000 recruiting drive, and for Ringing in the Millennium, the Council’s distribution of £3m Millennium Commission funding used to restore 150 rings of bells. In 1999 she joined the Public Relations Committee, serving a term as its Chairman; and she continues as a member, dealing with contact lists and publicity material preparation among other work.

As Council President in the run up to the Millennium celebrations, and as PR Committee Chairman during preparations for the very successful Lincoln and Newbury Roadshows, Jane gathered a wealth of experience in dealing with the media and with groups and organisations outside ringing, and we need to retain that particular expertise.

Jane would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the Council, particularly for the planned 2014 Roadshow: Roadshows are one of the Council’s most important links with ringers and with the general public.

It is our view that Council needs to be able to call upon Jane’s experience and wisdom in its deliberations and we commend her election as an Additional Member.

Proposed byDerek Sibson
Seconded byJohn Baldwin

Robert Lewis

Robert is Editor of The Ringing World and it is our custom to elect Editors to the Council for their knowledge and involvement in the Exercise and the useful contribution that they can make to our work.

Robert has served on the Administrative Committee and the Redundant Bells Committee and is willing to serve the Council for a further period.

Proposed byAndrew Wilby
Seconded byMichael Church

The Ringing World, May 4, 2012, pages 462 to 463

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