The Tenth Annual Meeting of the Central Council was held at the Church House, Westminster, on Tuesday, June 5th. Of representative members 54 were present out of 84, representing 25 out of 32 societies; and of Hon. Members 8 out of 14. Sir Arthur Percival Heywood, Bart., and the Rev. H. Earle Bulwer being the only persons nominated for the respective Offices of President and Secretary for the ensuing three years, Rev. F. E. Robinson proposed, and Rev. G. F. Coleridge seconded the former; Rev. F. E. Robinson also proposed, and Mr. W. Snowdon seconded the latter, both propositions being carried unanimously.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

On the motion of Mr. F. W. Thornton, seconded by Mr. J. Griffin, the following were unanimously elected Honorary Members of the Council for three years: Rev. J. H. Pilkington, Mr. J. Pettit, Mr. F. E. Ward, Mr. F. W. J. Rees, Mr. J. Carter, Mr. J. A. Trollope, Mr. J. W. Taylor, and Mr. J. S. Pritchett.

On the motion of Mr. J. S. Pritchett, seconded by Mr. R. A. Daniell, the following were elected as the Standing Committee for the ensuing three years: The President, Hon. Secretary, Rev. F. E. Robinson, Rev. C. D. P. Davies, Rev. G. F. Coleridge, Rev. H. A. Cockey, Mr. W. Snowdon, Mr. H. Dains, Mr. F. W. J. Rees, Mr. C. H. Hattersley, Mr. T. Lockwood and Mr. G. F. Attree, with power to add to their number.

The Hon. Secretary read the statement of accounts, showing balance from the previous year of £60 15s. 2d.; receipts from subscriptions, £10 6s. 6d.; total, £71 1s. 8d. Against which there were expenses for hire of hall at Norwich meeting, reporting, printing, committee on rail fares, postage stationery, £4 11s. 0d.; leaving a balance in favour of the Council of £66 10s. 8d. On the motion of the Rev. F. E. Robinson, seconded by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, the accounts were passed.

The Rev. H. A. Cockey, on behalf of the Rail Fares Committee, reported that the petitions of the Societies had been presented to the Railway Companies, but that up to that time no definite reply had been received. On the motion of the Rev. E. W. Carpenter, seconded by the Rev. Maitland Kelly, the Committee (consisting of the Rev. H. A. Cockey, Mr. Story, Mr. Griffin, and Mr. Attree), was re-appointed with an expression of thanks for the work they had done.

The President reported the progress made by the Committee on the Condition of Rings of bells; and on the motion of the Rev. T. L. Papillon, seconded by the Rev. F. J. O. Helmore, the Committee was re-appointed.

On the motion of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by Mr. R. S. Story, the Committee for the definition of a legitimate method (consisting of the Rev. H. Law James, Mr. H. Dains, Mr. J. A. Trollope, Mr. J. Carter, and Mr. A. Craven) was re-appointed.

The Hon. Secretary made a short statement on the completion of the Glossary, and with reference to its publication.

Mr. G. F. Attree presented the Report of the Peal Values Committee on the questions referred to them at the last meeting; viz.: the points to be accorded to peals of Double Norwich Court Royal and Maximus; and it was carried on his motion, seconded by Mr. J. A. Trollope, that Double Norwich Court Royal should receive 28 points, Maximus 32 points, and Bristol Surprise, 50 points.

The Rev. G. F. Coleridge moved, and Mr. J. W. Taylor seconded, and it was carried, that the next meeting of the Council be held at Derby.

The Rev. G. F. Coleridge moved, and Mr. G. Williams seconded, that the Council do appoint an official correspondent in each Association. After discussion the motion was withdrawn on the understanding that the Hon. Secretary of the Council should be at liberty when necessary to correspond with one of the representatives on the Council of any Association.

The Rev. H. J. Elsee moved, and Mr. W. Snowdon seconded, “That in the opinion of this Council any protest against the truthfulness of a peal should be made within three months if its performance; and that if not challenged within this period, the record should be allowed. If the record is challenged, it should be submitted to the Central Council, or a Committee appointed by it for this purpose for decision, and the decision of the Council should be accepted as final.”

After a lengthy and valuable discussion, the motion was withdrawn to await the future determination of what constitutes a true peal performance.

The Rev. E. W. Carpenter introduced the subject of the Instruction of those desiring to learn the Art of change-ringing; whether as a band, or singly. An interesting and useful discussion ensued.

A vote of thanks to the President, proposed by Mr. F. W. J. Rees, and seconded by Mr. W. Snowdon, concluded the meeting.

The Bell News and Ringers’ Record, July 21, 1900, page 136

Ancient Society of College YouthsW. T. Cockerill
M. A. Wood
T. H. Taffender
E. P. O’Meara
Royal Cumberland YouthsR. A. DaniellH. Barton
H. Dains
A. Jacob
St. James’ Society, LondonW. Weatherstone
C. F. Winney
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association(Unrepresented)Rev. H. C. Courtney
C. E. D. Boutflower
Bedfordshire Association(Unrepresented)Rev. W. W. C. Baker
Birmingham and District Society(Unrepresented)(Name of representative not known)
Birmingham St. Martin’s GuildW. H. Godden
Chester Diocesan GuildF. T. Spence
W. Gordon
Devonshire GuildRev. M. KellyFerris Shepherd
Durham and Newcastle AssociationR. S. StoryT. Hudson
W. Holmes
Ely Diocesan AssociationC. Sillitoe
Essex AssociationRev. T. L. Papillon
B. Keeble
W. J. Nevard
N. J. Pitstow
Gloucester and Bristol AssociationRev. H. A. CockeyRev. E. B. James
F. G. May
Hereford Diocesan Guild(Unrepresented)(Names of representative not known)
Hertford County Association(Unrepresented)E. P. Debenham
Kent County AssociationRev. E. W. CarpenterW. Haigh
F. W. Thornton
Rev. F. J. O. Helmore
Lancashire AssociationRev. H. J. Elsee
R. Ridyard
J. Eachus
Rev. C. A. Clements
Leeds and District SocietyJ. W. T. Holgate
Lincolnshire Diocesan GuildRev. H. Law JamesRev. H. J. Cheales
G. ChesterC. W. P. Clifton
Liverpool Diocesan Guild(Unrepresented)W. Bentham
Middlesex AssociationJ. Waghorn, sen.A. T. King
J. Basden
Midland Counties’ AssociationSir A. P. Heywood, Bart.
J. Griffin
S. Cooper
W. Wakley
Northamptonshire Association(Unrepresented)(Name of representative not known)
Norwich Diocesan AssociationRev. H. Earle BulwerW. L. Catchpole
J. MottsC. Mee
Oxford Diocesan GuildRev. F. E. RobinsonW. E. Yates
Rev. G. F. Coleridge
F. W. Hopgood
Salisbury Diocesan GuildA. SmithH. H. Palairet
T. Blackbourn
Stafford Archdeaconry SocietyR. Cartwright
S. Reeves
Surrey AssociationC. Dean, jun.Dr. A. B. Carpenter
Sussex County AssociationG. F. AttreeRev. C. D. P. Davies
S. Saker
G. Williams
Winchester Diocesan GuildRev. R. C. M. HarveyRev. C. E. Matthews
J. W. WhitingH. White
Worcestershire AssociationJ. Smith
R. E. Grove
Yorkshire AssociationW. SnowdonC. H. Hattersley
W. Stainthorpe
G. Bolland
Hon. MembersRev. J. H. PilkingtonF. E. Ward
Rev. A. H. F. BougheyF. E. Dawe
F. W. J. ReesJ. Carter
J. S. PritchettE. F. Strange
J. W. TaylorW. H. Thompson
J. C. MitchellT. Lockwood
J. Pettit
J. A. Trollope

Hon. Memberspresent8
Total memberspresent62

The Bell News and Ringers’ Record, July 21, 1900, page 137

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