Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Minutes of the Second Session of the 33rd Council (91st Annual Meeting), held in the Civic Centre, Whitehaven, on Tuesday 31 May 1988


Life Members: E. A. Barnett, Miss D. E. Colgate, P. A. Corby, J. Freeman, the Very Revd. A. G. G. Thurlow and C. A. Wratten.
Honorary Members: A. E. M. Bagworth, Mrs. O. D. Barnett, *D. W. Beard, A. P. S. Berry, H. Chant, M. J. Church, R. J. Cooles, W. H. Dobbie, A. J. Frost, C. K. Lewis, *Dr. A. Newing, M. H. D. O’Callaghan, Miss J. Sanderson, Preb. J. G. M. Scott, M. C. W. Sherwood, R. B. Smith, D. G. Thorne, Mrs. M. J. Wilkinson and Mrs. M. A. Wratten.
Ancient Society of College Youths: W. T. Cook, R. C. Kippin, A. N. Stubbs, A. W. R. Wilby.
Australia & New Zealand Assn.: R. F. Eccles, P. M. J. Gray, L. Reynolds (Alt. Member).
Bath & Wells Dio. Assn.: *Mrs. C. A. Bedding, D. J. Buckley, D. J. Kelly.
Bedfordshire Assn.: P. J. S. Albon, K. Lewin, A. H. Smith.
Beverley & Dist. Soc.: P. Church.
Cambridge Univ. Guild: P. L. H. Brooke, S. C. Walters.
Carlisle Dio. Guild: D. T. Sim.
Chester Dio. Guild: P. Dyson, *D. W. Friend, C. C. Roberts, Matheson.
Coventry Dio. Guild: P. Border, H. M. Windsor, Mrs. B. Winter.
Derby Dio. Assn.: G. A. Halls, Mrs. J. E. Orchard, F. C. Pearson.
Devonshire Guild: F. D. Mack, M. E. C. Mears, Revd. L. J. Yeo.
Durham & Newcastle Dio. Assn.: D. Hird, N. A. Johnson, C. M. Richardson, Mrs. B. M. Wheeler.
Durham Univ. Soc.: Revd. P. Newing.
E. Derbyshire & W. Notts. Assn: A. Dempster.
E. Grinstead & Dist. Guild: A. N. Brock.
Ely Dio. Assn.: G. E. Bonham, Miss L. H. M. Boyle, Dr. M. B. Davies, S. S. Meyer.
Essex Assn: J. Armstrong, F. B. Lufkin, D. Sloman, O. C. R. Webster.
Gloucester & Bristol Dio. Assn.: P. H. Allen, B. Bladon, J. M. Pearse, J. R. Taylor.
Guildford Dio. Guild: W. J. Couperthwaite, D. E. Parsons, J. R. Pratt, C. H. Rogers.
Hereford Dio. Guild: J. E. Harrold, N. R. Mattingley, M. V. Powell, R. G. Powell.
Hertford County Assn.: A. F. Alldrick, G. Dodds, B. C. Watson.
Irish Assn.: F. E. Dukes, W. A. Patterson.
Kent County Assn.: M. J. Lodwick, D. C. Manger, Mrs. A. L. Martin, D. H. Niblett.
Ladies Guild: Miss F. Cannon, Mrs. C. Higby, Mrs. P. Watson.
Lancashire Assn.: Canon M. S. Hart, D. R. Jones, J. Kershaw, F. Reynolds.
Leeds Univ. Soc.: C. Forster.
Leicester Dio. Guild: A. Cattell, Mrs. C. N. J. Franklin, J. M. Jelley, B. G. Warwick.
Lichfield Archd. Soc: J. F. Mulvey, S. G. Pick, C. M. Smith.
Lincoln Dio. Guild: D. A. Frith, J. L. Millhouse.
Liverpool University Soc.: S. J. Flockton.
Llandaff & Monmouth Dio. Assn.: Revd. Dr. J. C. Baldwin, D. C. Brookes.
London County Assn.: A. S. Baker, R. Booth, Dr. M. T. Sprackling.
Manchester Univ. Guild: D. R. Pettifor.
Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild: F. T. Blagrove, T. J. Lock, R. K. Russ.
Midland Counties Guild: M. Quimby.
National Police Guild: B. F. Peachey.
N. American Guild: W. H. Jackson, Mrs. M. B. Winter.
N. Staffordshire Assn.: P. W. Gay, N. G. Sharp.
N. Wales Assn.: J. W. Hughes, Dr. D. R. Marshall.
Norwich Dio. Assn.: F. C. J. Arnold, H. J. Charles, D. R. McLean, D. F. Riley.
Oxford Dio. Guild: W. Butler, H. W. Egglestone, Dr. T. G. Pett, R. A. Thorne.
Oxford Society: B. J. Stone.
Oxford Univ. Society: P. Q. Armitage, P. D. Niblett.
Peterborough Dio. Guild: E. Billings, C. J. Groome, D. J. Jones, Canon E. G. Orland.
Railwaymen’s Guild: T. Skilton.
Soc. of Royal Cumberland Youths: J. S. Barnes, I. H. Oram, Miss S. J. Pattenden, D. E. Sibson.
St. David’s Dio. Guild: *P. Warren.
St. Martin’s Guild: J. A. Anderson, J. McDonald.
Salisbury Dio. Guild: J. W. Bramley, G. J. N. Colborne, E. J. Hitchins, R. G. W. Robertson.
Scottish Assn.: N. E. Booth.
Soc. Sherwood Youths: P. L. R. Hayward.
Shropshire Assn.: F. M. Mitchell.
Southwell Dio. Guild: G. A. Dawson, R. B. Mills, B. A. Richards.
Suffolk Guild: T. N. J. Bailey, S. D. Pettman, Revd. L. R. Pizzey, A. R. Smith.
Surrey Assn.: J. D. Cheesman, S. J. Coleman, R. A. Grant.
Sussex County Assn.: A. R. Baldock, R. M. Cox, P. T. Hurcombe, D. D. Smith.
Swansea & Brecon Dio. Guild: A. R. Lewis.
Truro Dio. Guild: W. C. Boucher, A. F. Burley, R. J. Perry, P. J. Tremain.
Universities Assn.: Revd. M. C. C. Melville.
Univ. of Bristol Soc.: A. J. Cox.
Univ. of London Soc.: P. J. Sanderson.
Verona Assn.: *R. G. Morris, *G. Tommasi.
Winchester & Portsmouth Dio. Guild: R. Cater, A. T. Collins, D. C. Jackson, A. P. Smith.
Worcestershire & Dists. Assn.: R. J. Clements, A. Roberts, R. K. Williams.
Yorkshire Assn.: N. Donovan, R. J. Johnston, W. F. Moreton, D. E. Potter.

The Devon Association, Transvaal Society, and Zimbabwe Guild (the latter two elected to affiliation during the meeting) were not represented.

Report as to membership:

The Hon. Secretary (C. A. Wratten) reported that 66 societies were affiliated to the Council at the start of the meeting, with 178 representative members, an increase of one since 1987 (representing the St. David’s Diocesan Guild). There were eight Life and 24 Honorary Members.

All subscriptions had been paid.

Apologies for absence:

Apologies for absence had been received from Messrs. W. B. Cartwright (Life), J. C. Eisel, D. E. House, B. D. Threlfall and J. M. Tyler (Honorary), and R. Baldwin, P. S. Bennett, D. J. Bleby, A. F. Bogan, R. G. Fanthorpe, E. G. H. Godfrey, G. W. Massey, H. W. Rogers and L. G. Townsend (representative members).

Applications to affiliate:

Applications from the Associazione Suonatori di Campane a Sistema Veronese (Verona Association), Transvaal Society, Zimbabwe Guild, Guild of Medical Ringers, and Four Shires Guild to affiliate to the Council were individually proposed, seconded, discussed and voted upon. The three former were approved, but the two latter failed to achieve the necessary agreement of two-thirds of those present.

Welcome to new members:

The President (The Revd. Dr. J. C. Baldwin) welcomed the new members present (indicated by a * in the list of those attending).

Loss of members through death:

Members stood in silence as the President read the names of those who had died since the previous meeting: S. E. Armstrong (Sussex, 1937-39), G. T. Cousins (Hereford, 1962-69), H. Edwards (Essex, 1939-44), F. I. Hairs (Sussex, 1939-50; Honorary, 1951-67), J. D. Johnson (Worcs & Districts, 1930-51), W. F. Oatway (Surrey, 1954-63), and H. N. Pitstow OBE (Surrey, 1954-57; Guildford, 1957-63; Honorary, 1963-81).

Election of Life Member:

W. F. Moreton was elected a Life member of the Council on the proposition of the Revd. Dr. J. C. Baldwin, seconded by P. A. Corby.

Election of Honorary Members:

A. E. Bagworth, A. P. S. Berry, W. H. Dobbie, D. G. Thorne and Mrs. J. Wilkinson were individually elected Honorary members.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

The Minutes of the 1987 meeting, as published in The Ringing World of 19 February 1988, were adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by C. J. Groome.

Report of the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer:
(All reports were published in The Ringing World of 1 July 1988)

Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by F. E. Dukes, who asked that the Council’s thanks to the Secretary for his work should be recorded.

Balance Sheet and Accounts:

Adopted on the proposition of C. A. Wratten, seconded by C. J. Groome.


(a) The Secretary of the Council proposed, and P. M. J. Gray seconded,

“That the following addition and amendments be made to the Rules of the Council:

Insert: Rule 5(v): A Society not situated within the British Isles may appoint a single Alternate Member to attend a meeting of the Council if one or more of its Representative Members is unable to attend that meeting; in such an event the name and address of the Alternate Member shall be forwarded forthwith to the Secretary of the Council. An Alternate Member may not be elected an Officer or Auditor, nor be appointed to a committee of the Council; neither shall an Alternate be entitled to membership of The Ringing World Limited, nor to give notice of motion in accordance with Rule 16.

Rule 9: Add ‘or Alternate’ after ‘No Representative’ in the last sentence.

Rule 18: Add ‘Alternate’ after ‘Life,’.”

The motion was passed by a large majority. The President then welcomed L. Reynolds as an Alternate Member for the Australia & New Zealand Association in place of D. Bleby.

(b) On behalf of the Methods Committee A. P. Smith proposed, and P. D. Niblett seconded,

“That the Report on Extension be amended, to formalise the traditional relationship between single-hunt and twin-hunt plain methods, by the following addition:

‘Extension of a single-hunt plain method to a twin-hunt plain method at the next higher stage.

  1. General

    (a) There shall be two coursing hunt bells in the extension hunting one position further from the lead than the hunt bell does in the parent.

    (b) The places above the hunt bells in the extension are the same as those above the hunt bell in the parent but all moved one position from the lead.

    (c) The places below the hunt bells in the extension are the same as those below the hunt bell in the parent.

  2. Additional requirements for Little methods

    (a) There must be no places made above the treble at the half-lead in the parent.

    (b) No places are made above the trebles at, or either side of, the half-lead in the extension.

  3. Notes

    (a) Grandsire, Double Grandsire, Reverse Grandsire and Little Grandsire are the twin-hunt extensions of Plain Bob, Double Bob, Reverse Bob and Little Bob respectively to the next higher stage, although strictly Plain Bob at odd stages (Grandsire at even stages) is a different method from Plain Bob at even stages (Grandsire at odd stages)’.”

The motion was passed by a large majority.

Report of the Trustee of the Rolls of Honour:

Adopted on the proposition of W. T. Cook, seconded by C. J. Groome.

Report of the Trustees of the Carter Ringing Machine:

Adopted on the proposition of A. E. Bagworth, seconded by W. H. Dobbie.

Committee Reports:


Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by M. J. Church.


Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Librarian (W. T. Cook), seconded by Miss J. Sanderson.

Public Relations

Adopted on the proposition of A. W. R. Wilby, seconded by D. Potter. Mr. Wilby said that, unless a sponsor were to come forward, the Committee would take no action for the Council to acquire an Expo-like ring of bells for publicity purposes.


Adopted on the proposition of R. Cater, seconded by P. T. Hurcombe.


Adopted on the proposition of W. J. Couperthwaite, seconded by D. J. Jones. The Hon. Treasurer accepted a suggestion that in future written-off stock should be shown separately in the accounts.

Computer Co-ordination

Adopted on the proposition of P. Church, seconded by G. Dodds.


Adopted on the proposition of T. J. Lock, seconded by R. A. Grant. Mr. Grant’s resignation from the committee, due to business commitments, was noted.


Adopted on the proposition of A. P. Smith, seconded by M. C. W. Sherwood.

Peals Analysis

Adopted on the proposition of C. H. Rogers, seconded by Dr. T. G. Pett; this implicitly endorsed the Committee’s recommendation that the performance at Basingstoke be not recognised as a peal. S. D. Pettman proposed that the performance at Stowlangtoft be accepted, but failed to obtain a seconder. S. C. Walters proposed, and T. G. Pett seconded, that the performance at Landbeach be accepted, but the proposal was defeated after A. P. Smith, speaking on behalf of the Methods Committee, had recommended rejection on the grounds that the methods rung had contravened Decision (E)A.1.


Adopted on the proposition of D. E. Sibson, seconded by F. T. Blagrove.

Peal Compositions

Adopted on the proposition of R. C. Kippin, seconded by P. Border.

Towers & Belfries

Adopted on the proposition of J. R. Taylor, seconded by Prebendary J. G. M. Scott.

Bell Restoration Funds

Adopted on the proposition of J. S. Barnes, seconded by I. H. Oram.

Redundant Bells

Adopted on the proposition of Mrs. J. Wilkinson, seconded by P. A. Corby.

Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells

Adopted on the proposition of R. J. Cooles, seconded by M. H. D. O’Callaghan.

Future Meetings:

It was agreed to accept invitations from the Ancient Society of College Youths, for the Council to meet in London in 1991; and from the Peterborough Diocesan Guild, for 1992. Invitations for 1993 (from the Llandaff & Monmouth Diocesan Association), 1997 (from both the Truro Diocesan Guild and the Ely Diocesan Association), and for 1999 (from the Lincoln Diocesan Guild) were noted.

Votes of Thanks:

On behalf of the Council the President thanked Copeland District Council, the officers and members of the Carlisle Diocesan Guild and its organising committee, the Vicar of Whitehaven, and the incumbents and churchwardens of churches where members had been allowed to ring, for their contributions to the success of the meeting.

Mr. P. A. Corby thanked the President and officers for the conduct of the meeting.

Wholly represented50134-
Partly represented123214
Not represented3-4

Life members62
Honorary members195


The Ringing World, March 17, 1989, pages 263 to 264

(Archivist’s note: also absent were F. E. Collins (Life), J. R. Mayne (Honorary), J. Hine and R. O. Wright (Devon Assn.), D. J. Roberts (Guild of Devonshire Ringers), A. R. Heppenstall (Lincoln Dio. Guild), N. Brock (Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild), A. D. Evans (Worcestershire and Districts Assn.) and P. Avesani and A. Consolaro (Verona Assn.))

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