© Anthony P. Smith, January 2019


69 Minimus


Affpuddle Major
Affric Minor
Albatross Minor
Albion Minor
Albion Major
Albion Royal
Albion Maximus
Albion Little Major
Albion Little Royal
Albion Little Maximus
Aldeburgh Major
Alderley Minor
Almondbury Minor
Amazon Little Maximus
Angela Minimus
Anglesey Minor
An Teallach Minor
Anya Minor
April Minor
Armageddon Minor
Armitage Bridge Minor
Armley Pleasure Minor
Arnold's Victory Minor
Arthingworth Minor
Arthur Minor
Arthur Dent Minor
Ascension Day Minor
Ashford in the Water Minor
Ashley Minimus
Ashow Minimus
Ash Priors Minor
Avon Minor
Awful Major


Badgeworth Minor
Bakewell Major
Barby Minimus
Barkham Minimus
Barleycroft Major
Barnoldswick Minor
Barnsley Minor
Barrslieveanroy Minor
Basil's Mum Minor
Battle's Over Minimus
Beaufort Minor
Beeston Castle Minor
Beg Minor
Benhall Minor
Ben Klibreck Minor
Berkeley Royal
Berkley Minimus
Berrick Salome Minor
Berwyn Minor
Biggetywitch Minimus
Bizarre Major
Blencathra Minor
Blue Nile Major
Blur Minor
Bob Smith Minor
Bockingford Royal
Bolnhurst Minimus
Bolsover Major
Bolsterstone Minor
Bolton Abbey Minor
Bootleg Minor
Bovey Tracey Major
Bowes-Lyon Minor
Boyle Minor
Bradfield Minor
Brafield Minor
Breamore Minimus
Brecon Beacons Minor
Bridge Little Major
Briefcase and Mobile Phone Minimus
Brightwell Baldwin Minor
Brimpton Minimus
British Scholars' Pleasure Minor
Brown Clee Minor
Bucket Minimus
Bumble Minimus
Burnley Major
Burton Minor
Buscot Minimus
Bushey Major


Cader Idris Minor
Caer Caradoc Minor
Cambridge Blue Major
Campanulla Minor
Cann Minimus
Canterbury Minor
Capel Minor
Carn Lês Boel Minor
Carrick Lûz Minor
Cawthorne Minor
Central Council Major
Chacombe Minor
Chaddleworth Minimus
Chadkirk Minor
Champion Major
Charnwood Minor
Chesterfield Major
Cheviot Minor
Chiltern Minor
Christchurch and Southampton District Minimus
Christmas Steps Major
Claremont Minor
Clearwell Minimus
Clockmakers' Minor
Clwydian Minor
Cnut Minor
Coe Minor
College Minor
College Exercise Minor
College Exercise Major
College Pleasure Minor
College Youths' Pleasure Minor
Colonial Minor
Compeyson Minimus
Cotswold Minor
Cranford Minor
Cratchit Minimus
Crawford Minimus
Crazy Major
Cressbrook Minor
Crofton Minor
Crows Nest Minor
Cubley Minimus
Cuillin Minor
Cumberland Exercise Major


Dallington Minor
Darfield Minor
Darton Minor
Darton New Pleasure Minor
David Minor
Defford Minimus
Déjà Vu Minor
Denby Minor
Denchworth Minimus
Derby Minimus
Dessary Minor
Dewsbury Minor
Dewsbury Delight Minor
Diabolical Major
Diamond Minor
Dies Irae Minor
Dire Major
Dr Syntax's Head Minor
Dodger Minimus
Donhead Minimus
Don't Panic Minor
Doomsday Minor
Dordrecht Major
Dore Major
Double Bob Minor
Double Locks Minor
Draughton Minimus
Drayton Minor
Drayton St Leonard Minor
Dronfield Major
Droop Major
Duchess of York Minor
Duckstein Minor
Duke of Norfolk Minor
Dunblane Minor
Durweston Minor


Earl of Kimberley Minor
Earlsheaton Minor
Easter Minimus
East Farndon Minor
East Horsley Minimus
Easton Neston Major
Ecclesfield Minor
Eclipse Minimus
Edlington Minor
Effin Major
Egregious Major
Ella Minor
Eothesic Minor
Etive Minor
Ettington Minimus
Evening Pleasure Minor
Evershot Minor
Evil Major
Ewelme Minor
Exford Minor
Eye Minor


Fairy Cross Major
Felkirk Minor
Feral Minor
Ferndale Minor
Fiddich Minor
Fiendish Major
Fifty Major
Firkin Major
Focus Minor
Ford Prefect Minor
Foremark Minimus
Forget-me-Not Major
For the Fallen Minimus
Fosters Booth Minor
Foula Minor
Fraggle Rock Minor
Fritwell Minimus


Gage Roads Minor
Gayton Minor
Gentian Major
Gittisham Major
Gladstone Minor
Glass Minor
Glasshouse Major
Glossop Minor
Gloucester Old Spot Minor
God Save the Queen Little Major
Gonville Little Minor
Gonville Little Major
Gonville Little Maximus
Gonville Little Fourteen
Gonville Little Sixteen
Goodall Minor
Gore Hill Minor
Gormless Major
Great Lakes Minor
Great Wingletang Minor
Greenwich Minor
Gregynog Minor
Gruesome Major
Guilsborough Minor
Guilsfield Minimus
Gunville Minimus


Halifax Major
Halton Minimus
Hammersmith Major
Handley Minor
Handsworth Major
Harlestone Minor
Harringworth Minor
Haselbech Major
Hasley Minor
Havercroft Minor
Havisham Minimus
Heatwave Minor
Hell's Mouth Minor
Helvellyn Minor
Hemsworth Minor
Hen Poo Major
Heptonstall Minor
Heywood Major
Heywood Little Major
Hinton Minimus
Holme Dyke Minor
Holmfirth Minor
Holothesic Minor
Holy Cross Minor
Hook Norton Major
Horrible Major
Hurich Minor
Hurstbourne Tarrant Minimus


Iafydstta Minor
I'd Rather Be In The Tavern Minor
Iken Minimus
Imperial Minor
Imperial Major
Imperial III Major
Impossible Major
Ingleborough Minor
Ipstones Minor
Irwell Major
Isla Minor
Islay Minor
Isle of Wight Minor
Islip Minor
Itchen Major


Jagged Major
James Minor
Jangye-ryn Minor
Jaundiced Major
Jeremiah Minor
John the Baptist Major
Jolly's Bottom Major
Jubilee Minor
Julie McDonnell Minimus
Jupiter Major
Jura Minor


Kalamazoo Minor
Kalamazoo Major
Kangaroo Minor
Karmelita Minor
Kemp Town Minimus
Ken Hall Minor
Kenilworth Major
Kensa Dygemusur Minor
Kent Minimus
Kent Minor
Kent Major
Kent Royal
Kent Maximus
Kent Fourteen
Kent Sixteen
Kermit Minimus
Keyham Minor
Keyneston Minimus
Killamarsh Minor
Killamockingbird Minor
Killer Major
Killiecrankie Major
Kingie Minor
Kingston Minor
Kirkheaton Minor
Knockboy Minor


Langdon Hills Minimus
Langton Long Minimus
Last Post Minimus
Launceston Minimus
Laus Deo Minor
Lest We Forget Minor
Liathach Minor
Lickey End Major
Linda Minor
Little Bedwyn Minimus
Little Creatures Minor
Little Melton Little Minor
Liverpool Minor
Livet Minor
Loathsome Major
Loch Ness Minor
Lockinge Minimus
Lockwood Minor
London Major
London Scholars' Pleasure Minor
Long Burton Minimus
Long Mynd Minor
Longwood Minor
Lower Basildon Minimus
Lundy Minor
Luston Minor
Lutton Minor
Lytchett Matravers Minor


Macksville Minor
Maidwell Minor
Malcolm Minimus
Margaret Marsh Minimus
Martin Major
Martley Minor
Marvin the Paranoid Android Minor
Matilda Bay Minor
Max the Collie Minor
Mayday Minor
Mendip Minor
Meyrick Major
Milborne St Andrew Minor
Miothesic Minor
Moidart Minor
Monk Bretton Minor
Monkton Minimus
Monstrous Major
Moreton Minimus
Morning Pleasure Minor
Morning Star Minor
Mosborough Major
Much Binding In The Marsh Minor
Mustard Hill Minor
Myrmica Major


Naremburn Minor
Nasty Major
Navigation Minor
Nelson Minor
Nelson's Victory Minor
Nessa Dygemusur Minor
Netherthong Major
Nevis Minor
Newbold Pacey Minimus
Newbury Major
Newhill Minor
Newington Minimus
New Kirk Minor
New London Minor
Newnham Minor
New Snowdrop Minor
Newtown Minimus
New Whittington Minor
Nicholas Minor
Nile Royal
Noah's Ark Minor
Norbury Minor
Norcroft Minor
North Downs Little Minor
Norton Major
Norton-le-Moors Minor
Noxious Major
Nutfield Minor
Nuthurst Major


Oasis Minor
Obnoxious Major
Ockley Minor
Old Albion Minor
Old Cleeve Minor
Old Whitt Minor
Old Whittington Major
Oligothesic Minor
Onacock Major
Orchy Minor
Orkney Minor
Orlingbury Minor
Osra Minor
Oude Maas Minor
Outwood Minimus
Over Fauscoum Minor
Ovington Minimus
Owhiro Bay Minor
Oxford Minimus
Oxford Minor
Oxford Major
Oxford Royal
Oxford Maximus
Oxford Fourteen
Oxhill Major


Paddy's Day Minor
Pailton Major
Painful Major
Palm Sunday Minor
Pamber Minimus
Pangalactic Gargle Blaster Minor
Peak Minor
Peak District Minor
Pedn-mên-an-mere Minor
Penistone Minor
Pennine Minor
Pentland Minor
Peswera Dygemusur Minor
Peter Minor
Peterborough, St Mary Minor
Pickwick Minimus
Piddle Major
Piddletrenthide Minor
Pinhoe Minor
Pitsford Minor
Pity about the 65s Minor
Pizpot Gargravarr Minor
Plain Minor
Platinum Rose Minor
Pleistothesic Minor
Pliothesic Minor
Plynlimon Minor
Poppy Minimus
Porlock Minor
Potters Yard Minor
Precious Little Major
Prince Albert Major
Prince of Cambridge Minimus
Princess of Cambridge Minimus
Priors Marston Major
Prosen Minor
Pucklechurch Minor
Pympes Dygemusur Minor


Quainton Hill Minor
Quantock Minor
Quartalehouse Major
Quasimodo Major
Quasithesic Minor
Queen Elizabeth Major
Queer Major
Quharity Minor
Quirky Major


Ragnarok Minor
Ralph's Cupboard Minor
Rawston Minimus
Red Nose Minimus
Remembrance Day Minimus
Repulsive Major
Reverse Crawford Minimus
Reverse Derby Minimus
Reverse Kent Minimus
Reverse Kermit Minimus
Reverse Keyneston Minimus
Reverse Launceston Minimus
Reverse Margaret Marsh Minimus
Reverse Monkton Minimus
Reverse Moreton Minimus
Reverse Shipton Gorge Minimus
Reverse Upton by Birkenhead Minimus
Ribble Link Little Maximus
Ringers' Minor
Ringsfield Minimus
Rivendell Major
Robinson Minor
Rochester Minor
Rodney's Victory Minor
Roger Bugler Minor
Ron Andrew Minor
Rose of England Minor
Rose of England Major
Rotherham Royal
Rotherham Maximus
Rotten End Major
Roy Minor
Royal Albert Minor
Royal Sovereign Minor
Ruby Major
Rushton Minor
Rushton Old Minimus
Ruth Smith Minor
Ryecroft Major


Sail & Anchor Minor
St Aelhaiarn Minimus
St Aldhelm Minor
St Anne's Minor
St Bartholomew Minor
St Joseph Minor
St Lawrence Major
Sandal Minor
Scafell Minor
Scrooge Minimus
Selworthy Minor
Seytegves Dygemusur Minor
Seythves Dygemusur Minor
Sgor nam Fiannaidh Minor
Sgurr Mhor Minor
Sgurr nan Eugallt Minor
Shapwick Minimus
Shiel Minor
Shipton Gorge Minimus
Shitterton Major
Shrinking Violet Little Major
Silkstone Minor
Silly Major
Silver Minor
Silver Bells Minor
Skiddaw Minor
Sky Minor
Slaithwaite Minor
Slartibartfast Minor
Slieve Snaght Minor
Slindon Minimus
Slioch Minor
Snowdon Minor
Snowdrop Minor
Snowdrop Major
Snowy Night Major
South Downs Little Minor
Southend-on-Sea Major
South Kirkby Minor
South Repps Minor
Sowerbine Royal
Spaldwick Minor
Sparsholt Minimus
Spencer Minor
Spetchley Minimus
Spitalfields Festival Major
Spratton Minor
Sron a'Choire Ghairbh Minor
Stanford Dingley Minimus
Stanwick Minor
Staveley Major
Staverton Minor
Stickland Minimus
Stiperstones Minor
Stockbridge Minor
Stoke Major
Stourpaine Minor
Stourton Caundle Minimus
Sturminster Newton Minor
Sully Minor
Swindon Village Minor


Tarrant Minimus
Tarvin Minor
Tattenhall Minor
Taylor Minor
Tenby Major
Terrible Major
Terrible Towel Major
The International Beer Shop Minor
Thomas Minor
Thornton Minor
Tideswell Major
Tiffield Major
Timothy Major
Titterstone Clee Minor
Tivydale Minor
Toller Fratrum Minimus
Toller Porcorum Minimus
Tom Hughes Minor
Torbryan Minimus
Torridon Minor
Totley Major
Towersey Minimus
Tressa Dygemusur Minor
Trillion Minor
Trinity Sunday Minor
Trotton Minimus
Tulkinghorn Minimus
Tuxford Minor
Twatt Major
Twyning Minor


Ufton Nervet Minimus
Ugglebarnby Minor
Uig Minor
Ullenhall Major
Ullscarf Minor
Ultraviolet Major
Umbrage Minor
Unpleasant Major
Upham Minor
Upton Minor
Upton by Birkenhead Minimus
Upton Towans Minor
Uretiti Major
Useless Major


Varragill Minor
Vatersay Minor
Venturi Minor
Very Easy Major
Vicars Cross Major
Victoria Minor
Violet Minor
Violet Major
Violet Royal
Violet Maximus


Waikikamukau? Major
Walkinstown Short Course Minor
Waresley Minimus
Waterford Minor
Wayward Major
Wegg Minimus
Wenlock Edge Minor
Western Buccaneer Minor
Western Campaigner Minor
Western Cavalier Minor
Western Centurian Minor
Western Challenger Minor
Western Champion Minor
Western Crusader Minor
Western Enterprise Minor
Western Explorer Minor
Western Firebrand Minor
Western Fusilier Minor
Western Gladiator Minor
Western Guardsman Minor
Western Harrier Minor
Western Hero Minor
Western Huntsman Minor
Western Hussar Minor
Western Invader Minor
Western Lancer Minor
Western Legionnaire Minor
Western Leviathan Minor
Western Pathfinder Minor
Western Pioneer Minor
Western Ranger Minor
Western Sentinel Minor
Western Stalwart Minor
Western Talisman Minor
Western Thunderer Minor
Western Venturer Minor
Western Warrior Minor
Westray Minor
Wheghes Dygemusur Minor
Whernside Minor
White Nile Maximus
Whitfield Minor
Whiting Minor
Why Aren't We In The Tavern? Minor
Willey Major
Willoughby Little Minor
Windsor Major
Windsor Royal
Wirral Minimus
Wollstonecraft Minor
Wonderful Major
Woodcock's Victory Minor
Woolwich Minor
Wrekin Minor
Writtle Minor


Xanthe Little Major
Xanthe Little Maximus
Xanthine Minor
Xanthippe Major
Xavier Minor
Xenothesic Minor
Xingu Minor
Xoanon Minor
X-Traordinary Major
Xylophone Minor
Xysys Major


Yasminoli Major
Yatton Keynell Minimus
Yell Minor
Yelvertoft Minor
Yersinia Major
York Minster Minor
Yorkshire Glory Minor
Youlgreave Major
Ysbyty Ystwyth Major
Yucky Major


Zany Major
Zaphod Beeblebrox Minor
Zatisall Major
Zawn Kellys Minor
Zealous Major
Zelston Minimus
Zener Minor
Zip Down Major
Zugspitze Minor