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1066 Minor
23 Minor
60th Birthday Minor
90th Birthday Minor


Abbots Ann Minor
Aberfeldy Minor
Aberlour Minor
Abhainn Dearg Minor
Adam and Kirrily Minor
Adderbury Minor
Aggies Minor
Ailsa Bay Minor
Albany Road Minor
Alderney Minor
All Angels Minor
Allt a Bhainne Minor
Alma Little Maximus
Ancient Society of Efquire Leeds Youths Major
Andrew Minor
Annapurna Minor
Annapurna II Minor
Ann's Birthday Minor
Apollo Minor
Ardbeg Minor
Ardmore Minor
Ariel Little Sixteen
Armistice Minor
Armstrong Minor
Arreton Minor
Arthingworth Minor
Ascension Minor
Ash-bashers Minor
Ashburnham Minor
Ashby St Ledgers Minimus
Ashe Minor
Assisi Minor
Asteroid Minor
Auchentoshan Minor
Auchroisk Minor
Auckland Minor
Audley End Minor
Aultmore Minor
Aurigny Minor
Aurora Minor
Austin Minor
Avon Doubles
Avro Minor


Balaclava Little Maximus
Balblair Minor
Ballechin Minor
Balmenach Minor
Balmoral Minor
Bandersnatch Little Maximus
Banff Minor
Barby Minimus
Barham Minor
Barlow Minor
Barrow-upon-Humber Minor
Barsham Doubles
Barton Stacey Minor
Basil Minor
Bath Doubles
Batheaston Doubles
Beckley Minor
Beehive Minor
Beer Minor
Beighton Minor
Bella Minor
Benedict XVI Minor
Ben Nevis Minor
BenRiach Minor
Benrinnes Minor
Benromach Minor
Benwell Minor
Ben Wyvis Minor
Berkshire Boy Minor
Bernadette Minor
Berrick Salome Minor
Billingborough Major
Billy Bob Major
Blackdown Doubles
Blackwood Minor
Bladnoch Minor
Blair Athol Minor
Blankney Minor
Blaxhall Minor
Blidworth Minor
Boat Race Minor
Bodiam Minor
Bole Minor
Boston Minor
Boughton Minor
Bovey Tracey Major
Bowmore Minor
Boxing Day Doubles
Bracknell Major
Braeval Minor
Brafield-on-the-Green Minor
Brampford Speke Doubles
Brampton Ash Minor
Bramshott Minor
Bransbury Minor
Branston Minor
Brede Minor
Brendon Doubles
Brent Knoll Doubles
Brian's Bullocks Minor
Brighstone Minor
Brightwell Baldwin Minor
Brill Minor
Brincken Minor
Brinsley Minor
Bristolian Caters
Britannia Minor
British Scholars Pleasure Minor
Brixworth Minor
Broad Peak Minor
Brocket Minor
Brocket Hall Major
Brora Minor
Bruichladdich Minor
BTE Minor
Bulwick Doubles
Bunnahabhain Minor
Buriton Minor
Burry Port Doubles
Bushey Triples


Calcutta Minor
Cambridge Minor
Cambridge Major
Candlesby Doubles
Canterbury Minor
Cantium Doubles
Caol Ila Minor
Caperdonich Minor
Cardhu Minor
Carlisle Minor
Carmarthen Doubles
Castle of Mey Minor
Catania Minor
Centenary Minor
Charing Minor
Charwelton Minimus
Chastleton Minor
Cherry Hinton Minor
Chiddingly Minor
Chieveley over Cambridge Little Minor
Chieveley over Sedlescombe Little Minor
Chilham Doubles
Chips in the Pub Doubles
Chittlehampton Major
Chogolisa Minor
Cho Oyu Minor
Chris Minor
Christmas Eve Doubles
Church Lawford Minor
Church Stowe Minimus
Cinquecento Minor
Claremont Minor
Claudio Minor
Clenchwarton Doubles
Clynelish Minor
Cockrell Minor
Cockup Bridge Major
Coleburn Minor
Colegate Minor
College Bob III Minor
College Bob IV Minor
College Exercise Minor
Collingham Minor
Collins Minor
Conningbrook Minor
Convalmore Minor
Coronado Minor
Corpus Christi Minor
Cosgrove Minor
Cossall Minor
Cottam Minor
Cragganmore Minor
Craigellachie Minor
Crimplesham Doubles
Crowhurst Minor
Crystal Wedding Minor
Cuckoo Major


D2 under Dover Little Minor
Daedalus Doubles
Daftmill Minor
Dailuaine Minor
Dallas Dhu Minor
Dallington Minor
Dalmore Minor
Dalwhinnie Minor
Danbury Minor
Deane Minor
Dee Minor
Dhaulagiri Minor
Diamond Wedding Major
Dixie Minor
DJPJ Minor
Dolcoath Doubles
Dordrecht Major
Double Oxford Minor
Double Summer Solstice Minor
Drivel List Major
Duck End Minor
Dufftown Minor
Duke of Edinburgh Minor
Duke of Norfolk Minor
Dunkeld Minor
Dunkery Doubles
Durovernum Minor


Eadburgebyrig Minor
Eagle Minor
Eardisley Doubles
Eastern Shore Minor
East Haddon Minor
East Hoathly Minor
Ebchester Minor
Ebor Minor
Ecton Minor
Edgcote Minimus
Edradour Minor
Eiger Minor
Eleventh Night Minor
Elton Minor
Emil Minor
Epiphany Minor
Essex Girl Minor
Europa Little Maximus
Evelyn Minor
Everest Minor
Eversley Minor
Exmoor Doubles


Fabian Minor
Fawsley Minimus
Felix Minor
Fettes Minor
Fiona Minor
Flynn's Very Own Doubles
Focus Minor
Forest Minor
Forget-me-not Minor
Fotheringay Minor
Foxton Minor
Frant Minor
Fromond Doubles
Frumious Little Maximus
Fudge Minor
Furtho Minor


Gasherbrum I Minor
Gasherbrum II Minor
Gasherbrum III Minor
Gasherbrum IV Minor
Gaudete Minor
Gebesee Minor
Geraldine Minor
Gianluca Minor
Giant Sequoia Minor
Glen Albyn Minor
Glen Elgin Minor
Glen Flagler Minor
Glen Garioch Minor
Golden Jubilee Minor
Golden Wedding Minor
Greens Norton Minor
Gretta Minor
Gromit Minor
Gruzzles Minor
Gyachung Kang Minor


Hallowe'en Minor
Hampshire Minor
Handley Page Minor
Hanter-cans Bledhen Minor
Hardwick Doubles
Harpole Minor
Hatford Minor
Hatherop Minor
Haynes Major
Headcorn Major
Hellingly Minor
Heywood Major
Heywood Little Major
Highbury Minor
High Halden Minor
Hilsea Minor
Hobart Minor
Hobgoblin Doubles
Hobson Minor
Holywell Minor
Honey Minor
Horbury Minor
Husbands Bosworth Doubles
Hussar Little Maximus


Ian Hoskin's Doubles
I Can't Believe It's Not Plain Bob Minor
Icarus Doubles
Iden Minor
Illston-on-the-Hill Minor
Immaculate Conception Minor
Impedimenta Minor
Intrepid Doubles
Ipswich Minimus
Isle of Arran Minor
Isle of Stroma Minor
Istanbul Minor
IWD's Bus Pass Minor


Jacky Minor
James Minor
Jane and Pauls Wedding Day Minor
Jannu Minor
Japura Little Maximus
Jeremy Minor
Jersey Minor
Jessie Minimus
Jet The Dog Minor
Jewellery Porter Major
Jilucrosus Doubles
Jim and Anita's Wedding Anniversary Doubles
Joachim Minor
Joanna Minor
John Paul II Minor
Jubilee Minor
Julie McDonnell Major
Jungfrau Minor


K2 Minor
Kalamazoo Minor
Kanahooka Minor
Kangbachen Minor
Kangchenjunga Minor
Karen's Dad's Birthday Doubles
Kelmarsh Minor
Kent Triples
Kent Caters
Kent Cinques
Kessingland Minor
Keyworth Minor
Kilvington Minor
Kim Minor
Kingsgate Doubles
Kingsley Minor
Kingsthorpe Minor
Krappenhofen Major
Kurt Minor


Langton by Partney Minor
Lauberhorn Minor
Leicester City Minor
Lets Call It A Day Minimus
Lexington Minor
Lhotse Minor
Linby Minor
Littlebourne Minor
Littlebury Minor
Little Chart Minor
Little Ryburgh Little Minor
Litton Minor
Llanelli Doubles
Llangadog Minimus
Lockerley Minor
London Scholars' Pleasure Minor
Lou's Carrot Major
Lowick Minor
Low Sunday Minor
Lubenham Doubles
Luton Minor
Lutton Minimus


Magdalen Minor
Magna Carta Minor
Magor Doubles
Makalu Minor
Malaya Minor
Manaslu Minor
Man of Kent Minor
Marengo Royal
Margaret Minor
Margarets's Dad's Birthday Doubles
Mars Orbiter Little Maximus
Mason Minor
Matterhorn Minor
Matt Jack Minor
Maxey Minor
Melchbourne Minimus
Mercaston Minor
Merry Paws Minor
Merton College Little Minor
Metis Little Maximus
Metton Minor
Meynell Langley Minor
Middleton-on-the-Wolds Doubles
Mindy Minor
Minier Merritt Minor
Mini Merritt Minor
Moey Minor
Monch Minor
Mont Blanc Minor
Monte Rosa Minor
Monxton Minor
Moonlight Minimus
Mordon Doubles
Morebath Doubles
Mork Minor
Morning Star Major
Moss Minor
Mother Teresa Minor
Mount Erebus Minor
Mount Terror Minor
Mustard Minor
Mylvledhen Noweth Minor


Nanda Devi Minor
Nanga Parvat Minor
Nanu Minor
Napton on the Hill Minor
Natalie Minor
Neasden Minor
Neath Minor
Neptune Minor
Nessa Mylvledhen Minor
Nettlebed Minor
New Century Minor
Newstead Minor
Newton Stacey Minor
New Year's Eve Minor
New Year's Eve Little Major
NFFC Minor
Nicholas Laurence Minor
Nicholson Caters
Nigel Minor
Nightingale Minor
Nightingale Major
Nightingale Royal
Nightingale Maximus
Niton Minor
Nocton Minor
Noel Doubles
North Cave Doubles
Northiam Minor
North Island Minor
North Waltham Minor
Noseley Minor
Novosibirsk Minor
Nuptse Minor


Ockham Doubles
Offley Minor
Old Fettercairn Minor
Old Mill Doubles
Old Nick Minor
Open University Minor
Oswald Minor
Otley Minor
Otley Gotch Minor
OUS Minor
Oxford Triples
Oxford Caters
Oxnaforda Doubles


Pangbourne Minor
Papanui Doubles
Parana Little Maximus
Patersons Farewell Minor
Pattiswick Minor
Paul Minor
Paula Minor
Peasmarsh Minor
Pebbles Minor
Pebmarsh Minor
Pengegon Doubles
Pentland Firth Minor
Pepsi Minor
Percy's Tea Strainer Major
Percy's Tea Strainer Royal
Percy's Tea Strainer Maximus
Pettistree Greyhound Minor
Philip Minor
Piella Bakewell Minor
Pilton Minimus
Pixie Minor
Plain Minor
Plain Short Course Minor
Plumtree Minor
Poolio Minor
Pop Goes The Weasel Minor
Poppy Minor
Potterhanworth Minor
Preston Minor
Pretyman Avenue Minor
Pride of High Halden Minor
Primrose Minor
Princess Anne Minor
Prince William Minor
Prospero Little Maximus
Prospero Little Sixteen
Puckoon Minor
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Minor


Quadragesima Minor
Quantock Doubles
Queen Elizabeth II Minor
Queen's Birthday Minor
Quinton Minor


Rachel Minor
Rakaposhi Minor
Redding Minor
Reef Minor
Regina Minor
Regina Caeli Minor
Remembrance Sunday Minor
Reynards Minor
Ridge Minor
Ripon Minor
Rome Minor
Romsey Minor
Rosa Minor
Roskear Doubles
Rottenegg Major
RTF Minor
Ruby Minor
Ruth Minor


S6 under George Orwell Little Minor
S6 under London Little Minor
St Agatha Doubles
St Albans Minor
St Anne Minor
St Benet's Minor
St Cecelia Minor
St George Minor
St Margaret of Scotland Minor
St Marys Doubles
St Matthew in the City Minor
St Michael Minor
St Thomas of Canterbury Minor
Saltby Royal
Sandal Minor
Santa Minor
Sarah Minor
Selston Minor
Selworthy Minor
Sepulchre Minor
Shaun the Sheep Minor
Shelford Minor
Shergar Minor
Shilton Minor
Shishapangma Minor
Shorwell Minor
Shrubbery Farm Minor
Silver Jubilee Minor
Simonsbath Doubles
Skipijarou Doubles
Smartie Minor
Sol Minor
Somerset Doubles
Sopwith Minor
South Crofty Doubles
Spitalfields Festival Major
Stanley Minor
Stanwell Doubles
Staybenders Minor
Steventon Minor
Stirling Minor
Stisted Minor
Stockwith Minor
Stoke Albany Minor
Storme Little Minor
Stoulton Minor
Studley Minor
Sturry Minor
Surfleet Caters
Swanmore Minor


Tadgel Short Course Doubles
Tadgel Short Course Triples
The Balvenie Minor
Theddingworth Doubles
The Standard Tandoori Minor
Thomas Dixon Minor
Thomas William's Birthday Minor
Thorpe Achurch Minimus
Ticehurst Minor
Tiddles the Cat Minor
Tilly Minor
Tiny Pants Minor
Toffee Minor
Tollesbury Minor
Tolvaddon Doubles
Tom Minor
Torworth Minor
Towcester Minor
Tre Cime Di Lavaredo Minor
Tressa Mylvledhen Minor
Triffid Minor
Trifle Minor
Trinculo Little Maximus
Trivor Minor
Tuckingmill Doubles
Twywell Minor
Tyson Minor


Ufford Minimus
ULM Minor
Unattached Members Minor
University College Minor
University of Bristol Major
Uppermill Royal
Uranus Minor


Vale Minor
Valetto Minor
Valhalla Doubles
Valiant Minor
Valpariso Minor
Vickers Minor
VietJet Air Major


Wallace Minor
Warbleton Minor
Warlergh Melyndruckya Minor
Warlergh Nankervis Minor
Warmfield Minor
Warmington Minor
Warrior Minor
Warspite Minor
Wedding Day Minor
Weekley Minor
Welford Minor
Wells Doubles
Wendolene Ramsbottom Minor
Westham Minor
West Lynn Doubles
Wetterhorn Minor
Whichford Minor
Whisky Minor
White Hart Minor
Whittlesey Major
Why are there no aspirins in the jungle? Because the paracetamol Minor
Wickham Market Doubles
Wightman Minor
Willesborough Minor
William Dawson Minor
Willingdon Minor
Wilmslow Minor
Windpassing Major
Wink Minor
Winter Solstice Minor
Witney-on-Wye Doubles
Wolford Minor
Woodcock's Victory Minor
Woodfine Minor
Woodnesborough Minor
Wootton St Lawrence Minor
Wrenburys' Golden Years Minor
www.ouscr.org.uk Minor
Wykeham Doubles
Wyvern Doubles


Xanadu Minor
Xavier Minor
Xena Minor
Xiphias Minor
Xiuhtecutli Minor


Yardley Hastings Minor
Yarwell Minimus
Yellowbelly Minor
Yonkers Minor
Yorktown Minor
Yuletide Minor


Zanzibar Minor
Zelah Minor
Zoe Minor
Zzz Minor