The second session of the eighth Council (twenty-third annual meeting) was held on Whitsun Tuesday, 13th May, at 11 a.m., in the Lecture Theatre of the Mining Institute of Newcastle-on-Tyne, when there were present 44 out of 96 representative members, and five out of 15 honorary members, making a total of 49 present out of 111. Of the 40 Guilds or Associations affiliated to the Council 11 were fully, and 16 were partially represented.

The President, Sir Arthur Heywood, Bart., was in the chair.- The Hon. Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting, which, after one correction had been made, were, on the motion of Mr. A. T. King, seconded by the Rev. W. W. C. Baker, passed and signed.

The Hon. Treasurer then presented the annual statement of accounts, which had previously been audited in detail by the Standing Committee, and of which the following is a summary: Balance from last year, £71 12s. 6d.; affiliation fees, £12 2s. 6d., making a total of £83 15s. Against this there had been: Expenses of last year's meeting, £4 2s.; printing and postage, £1 19s. 6d., leaving in hand a balance of £77 13s. 6d. He further reported that though he had as usual reminded the Council's publishers of the present meeting in good time beforehand, and had written to them two or three times on the subject, and that though finally Mr. W. T. Cockerill, a member of the Standing Committee, had kindly, at his request, called on Messrs. Allen and Co., yet all these representations had failed to produce any response, and that consequently he had no statement of Sales of Publications to bring forward.- On the proposal of Mr. J. Griffin, seconded by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, the accounts were passed.- On the proposal of Mr. J. S. Pritchett, seconded by Mr. R. Narborough, the hon. treasurer was instructed to direct the bank to put £50 of the Council's balance on deposit account.

The Hon. Secretary having suggested the possibility of the appointment by the Council of one of their own members as hon. librarian to take charge of and sell the publications, mentioned further that he had broached the question to the Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn, who had intimated his willingness to accept the office if he were elected to it. The consideration of the subject was postponed till later in the proceedings.

On the proposal of the Rev. W. W. C. Baker, seconded by Mr. F. B. Tompkins, the following were unanimously re-elected as honorary members, viz.: The Rev. A. H. F. Boughey, Mr. J. W. Parker, and the Rev. H. S. T. Richardson.

The Hon. Secretary announced that two Guilds, viz., the Dudley and District Guild, and the Peterborough and District Association, had become affiliated to the Council.

The following new members were introduced to and shook hands with the president, viz.: Mr. C. Todd, of the Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Association; Mr. F. W. Hopgood, of the Oxford Diocesan Guild; and Mr. R. Narborough, of the Peterborough and District Association.

The Hon. Secretary reported that copies of the resolution passed by the Council last year against the Welsh Church Disestablishment Bill had been forwarded to the Prime Minister, the Marquis of Lansdowne, and the Right Hon. A. Bonar Law, and read the replies received in acknowledgment.

Apologies for absence were announced as having been received from the Rev. H. E. Tilney Bassett, Mr. C. E. Borrett, the Rev. A. H. F. Boughey, Dr. A. B. Carpenter, Mr. John Carter, Mr. W. T. Cockerill, Mr. H. Dains, Mr. R. A. Daniell, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. W. H. Godden, Mr. C. H. Hattersley, the Rev. F. J. O. Helmore, the Rev. M. Kelly, Mr. J. D. Matthews, the Rev. Canon Papillon, Mr. S. Reeves, the Rev. H. S. T. Richardson, Mr. J. R. Sharman, Mr. W. R. Small, Mr. H. White, Mr. J. W. Whiting, Mr. H. W. Wilde and Mr. G. Williams.

For the Peal Collection Committee, the Hon. Secretary, in the unavoidable absence of the Rev. H. S. T. Richardson, who had of late been doing the bulk of the work, reported progress. Though not himself a member of the committee, Mr. E. H. Lewis was able to corroborate the report, adding that Part I of the Collection of Treble Bob could be published if desired. It was, however, agreed that it would be best to defer publication for another year.

As a member of the Literature Committee, the Rev. H. A. Cockey intimated that so far as he was aware there was no report to present, owing to indisposition on the part of Mr. R. A. Daniell, who had been doing the work. Later in the proceedings, a telegram to this effect was received from Mr. Daniell, and the hon. secretary was asked to communicate with him.

On behalf of the Legitimate Methods Committee, the Rev. H. Law James reported that the collection of Major Methods was practically complete, and that it was hoped that it would be ready for publication next year.- The Rev. A. T. Beeston having called attention to the unsatisfactory condition of some of the copies of the collection of Legitimate Minor Methods, proposed that the remaining copies should be regarded as waste. This was seconded by Mr. J. W. Parker, but on discussion was withdrawn, it being deemed better to leave the matter in the hands of the hon. librarian. At this point, on the motion of the Rev. C. E. Matthews, seconded by the Rev. A. T. Beeston, the Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn was unanimously elected to the office of hon. librarian, and the Rev. C. E. Matthews and the Rev. G. F. Coleridge were appointed to assist him in an examination of the condition of the publications, the hon. secretary being at the same time instructed to take steps for their removal from the custody of Messrs. Allen and Co. and their consignment to the care of the hon. librarian.

The report of the Peals' Analysis Committee was presented by Mr. A. T. King, who, at the same time, after explaining the difficult questions with which the committee had had to deal, moved its adoption.- This was seconded by the Rev. E. W. Carpenter, and was carried after a long discussion.- The Rev. G. F. Coleridge moved and the Rev. W. W. C. Baker seconded, a proposal that the committee proceed upon the lines suggested in their report.- This was carried, together with a cordial vote of thanks to the committee for their labours.

In reporting for the Towers and Belfries Committee, the Hon. Secretary read a letter addressed by the President to the other members of the committee, in which he stated that for many reasons he had found it difficult to draft a rough copy of a pamphlet to form a groundwork on which the other members might graft their views. He, therefore, offered either to complete the pamphlet as his own work, and publish it with the sanction, but not necessarily with the concurrence, of the Council; or that he should give all the information in his power to some other member of the committee, and that it should be published by, and at the expense of the Council.- The Hon. Secretary moved the grateful acceptance of the first proposal.- This, being seconded by Mr. J. Griffin, was carried unanimously.

The Rev. H. J. Elsee introduced a long and most interesting discussion on the possibility of an unfavourable change in the attitude of the general public towards bell ringing, as a result of the increasing number of peals annually rung. No motion on the subject was proposed.

It was moved by the Rev. H. Law James: "That the Council is of opinion that Superlative Surprise Royal, as published by Shipway, is the same method as Superlative Surprise Major."- This was seconded pro forma by the Hon. Secretary, but after discussion was postponed for consideration to next year.

The question as to whether the Ladies Guild of Change Ringers should be admitted to representation on the Council was ably introduced by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, his speech being followed by an animated discussion on the subject, which was then allowed to drop.

Mr. G. Bolland moved to call attention to the Council's recommendations regarding "record" peals as passed in 1902, and incorporated in "Rules and Decisions," but it was explained that there had been a mistake in supposing that there was any real call for the motion, which consequently was not seconded, and was withdrawn.

For the place of meeting next year, the President said that three places - Southampton, Portsmouth or Winchester - had been suggested. The last-named, proposed by Mr. J. Griffin, and seconded by Mr. R. Narborough, was put first to the meeting, and was adopted by a large majority.

The Hon. Secretary moved a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. C. L. Routledge, President of the Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Association, for his great kindness and unsparing trouble in making all possible arrangements for the success of the meeting, and to the members of his Association for the very cordial welcome that they had extended to the Council. The President seconded the motion, which was carried amidst cheers.

The Rev. G. F. Coleridge then moved a hearty vote of thanks to the President, which was carried by acclamation, and the meeting adjourned.


Should any member of the Council have any comment to make on the minutes, he is requested to communicate without delay with the hon. secretary, the Rev. C. D. P. Davies, Fretherne, Stonehouse, Gloster.

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Schedule of Attendances

The following shows the attendance of members representing the various Associations at the meeting of the Central Council in the Mining Institute at Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Tuesday last.

Ancient Society of College Youths.- Present, A. Hughes. Absent, W. T. Cockerill, T. Faulkner, T. H. Taffender.
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths.- Present, none. Absent, F. Bennett, H. Dains, J. D. Matthews, J. Parker.
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association.- Present, A. E. Coles. Absent, E. E. Burgess, J. Maddock, Rev. C. C. Parker.
Beds. Association.- Present, Rev. W. W. C. Baker.
Birmingham Diocesan Guild.- Present, none. Absent, W. H. Godden.
Cambridge University Guild.- Present, E. H. Lewis.
Chester Diocesan Guild.- Present, Rev. A. T. Beeston, W. Bibby.
Cleveland and North Yorks. Association.- Present, T. Metcalfe, Rev. W. P. Wright.
Guild of Devon Ringers.- Present, A. W. Searle. Absent, Rev. M. Kelly.
Dudley and District Guild.- Present, none. Absent, W. R. Small.
Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Association.- Present, C. L. Routledge, W. Story, C. Todd.
Ely Diocesan Association.- Present, none. Absent, T. R. Dennis.
Essex County Association.- Present, W. J. Nevard. Absent, C. H. Howard, W. H. Judd, N. J. Pitstow.
Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association.- Present, none. Absent, J. Austin.
Hereford Diocesan Guild.- Present, none. Absent, J. Clark, R. Marston.
Hertford County Association.- Present, B. Prewett.
Kent County Association.- Present, T. Groombridge. Absent, E. Barnett, Rev. F. J. O. Helmore, W. J. Jeffries.
Lancashire Association.- Present, H. Chapman, Rev. H. J. Elsee, T. Redman. Absent, J. H. Banks.
Leeds and District Society.- Present, P. J. Johnson.
Lincoln Diocesan Guild.- Present, Rev. H. Law James, R. Richardson, J. W. Seamer. Absent, G. Chester.
Liverpool Diocesan Guild.- Present, none. Absent, W. Bentham.
Llandaff Diocesan Association.- Present, none. Absent, J. W. Jones.
London County Association.- Present, E. A. Young. Absent, H. S. Ellis.
Middlesex County Association.- Present, A. T. King. Absent, J. H. B. Hesse, W. Pye, J. R. Sharman.
Midland Counties Association.- Present, E. C. Gobey, J. Griffin, J. W. Taylor.
Northants. Association.- Present, D. J. Nichols, F. Wilford.
North Notts. Association.- Present, none. Absent, H. Haigh.
Norwich Diocesan Association.- Present, G. P. Burton. Absent, C. E. Borrett, W. L. Catchpole, J. Motts.
Oxford Diocesan Guild.- Present, Rev. G. F. Coleridge, F. W. Hopgood, Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn. Absent, J. Evans.
Peterborough and District Association.- Present, R. Narborough.
Salisbury Diocesan Guild.- Present, Rev. F. Ll. Edwards. Absent, Rev. H. E. Tilney Bassett, J. S. Rumming, A. F. Martin Stewart.
Salop Archidiaconal Guild.- Present, none. Absent, J. Bradney.
Staffs Archidiaconal Society.- Present, none. Absent, R. Cartwright, S. Reeves.
Surrey County Association.- Present, Cyril F. Johnston. Absent, A. B. Carpenter, M.D.
Sussex County Association.- Present, Keith Hart, G. H. Howse, F. B. Tompkins, G. Watson.
Truro Diocesan Guild.- Present, none. Absent, J. C. Daubuz.
Warwickshire Guild.- Present, none. Absent, H. Argyle.
Winchester Diocesan Guild.- Present, Rev. C. E. Matthews. Absent, H. White, J. W. Whiting, C. Willshire.
Worcestershire and Districts Association.- Present, J. R. Newman. Absent, T. J. Salter.
Yorkshire Association.- Present, G. Bolland. Absent, C. Glenn, C. H. Hattersley, Rev. C. C. Marshall.
Honorary Members.- Present, Rev. E. W. Carpenter, Rev. H. A. Cockey, Rev. C. D. P. Davies, J. W. Parker, J. S. Pritchett. Absent, Rev. A. H. F. Boughey, John Carter, R. A. Daniell, Rev. Canon Papillon, Rev. H. S. T. Richardson, W. Snowdon, W. H. Thompson, J. A. Trollope, H. W. Wilde, G. Williams.

The Bell News and Ringers' Record, May 17, 1913, page 125

The Ringing World, May 16th, 1913, page 336

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