The third session of the eighth Council (twenty-fourth annual meeting) was held in St. Thomas' Parish Hall, Winchester, on Whitsun Tuesday, 2nd June, 1914, at 11 a.m., when there were present of representative members, 55 out of 99, and of honorary members six out of 14, making a total of 61 present out of 113. Of the 41 Guilds or Associations affiliated to the Council 14 were fully, 14 partially, and 13 were not represented.

The chair having been taken by the president, Sir Arthur Heywood, Bart., the minutes of the previous meeting were read by the hon. secretary, who was requested to alter one phrase in them, and they were then unanimously passed on the proposal of Mr. A. T. King, seconded by Mr. J. Griffin.

Before proceeding to further business, the President referred in feeling terms to the great loss which the Council and the Exercise had sustained by the deaths of Dr. A. B. Carpenter and Mr. N. J. Pitstow, both of whom had been members of Council from the first, and had done much valuable work as members of various committees. He asked for a vote of sympathy with their relatives, which was unanimously passed by all present rising in their places, and the hon. secretary was instructed to write conveying the Council's sympathy to Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Pitstow.

Expressions of regret for absence were announced as having been received from the Rev. H. E. T. Bassett, Mr. G. Bolland, Mr. C. E. Borrett, the Rev. A. H. F. Boughey, Messrs. John Carter, G. Chester. H. Dains, R. A. Daniell, W. H. Godden, H. Haigh, C. H. Hattersley, P. J. Johnson, J. W. Parker, J. S. Pritchett, S. Reeves, W. R. Small, W. Snowdon, W. Story, H. White, H. W. Wilde, and the Rev. W. P. Wright.

The Hon. Secretary read the annual statement of accounts, of which the following is a summary, viz.: Credit balance from last year, £77 13s. 6d.; affiliation fees, £12 10s.; sale of publications (two years), £7 8s.; interest on deposit account, 19s. 5d., making a total of £98 10s. 11d. Against this there had been: Expenses of meeting last year, 10s.; sum placed on deposit account at the bank, £50; expenses of committees, £1 1s. 2d.; cost of transfer of the publications to the care of the hon. librarian, £1 13s.; printing and postage, £2 11s. 7d., leaving in hand a balance of £42 15s. 2d. The accounts, having been previously audited in detail by the Standing Committee, were unanimously passed on the proposal of the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, seconded, by Mr. Joseph Griffin.

The Hon. Secretary then read the Account of Sales of Publications for the year ending Whitsuntide, 1913, furnished by Messrs. Allen and Co. too late for presentation to the Council last year, the amount realised being £4 0s. 11d.

The Hon. Librarian (the Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn) then read his statement of sales for the year just ended, the amount realised being £3 7s. 1d.; and the two statements were adopted.

The retiring honorary members were unanimously re-elected, the Rev. E. W. Carpenter being proposed by the Rev. C. E. Matthews, and seconded by the Rev. Canon Baker, and Mr. H. W. Wilde, who was proposed by Mr. J. W. Taylor, seconded by Mr. J. R. Sharman.

The following new members were introduced to and shook hands with the president, viz., the Rev. E. S. Powell, of the Devon Guild; Mr. T. R. Dennis, of the Ely Diocesan Association; Major C. C. H. D'Aeth, of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild; and Mr. A. Roberts, of the Warwickshire Guild. The Hon. Secretary also announced that the Towcester and District Association had become affiliated to the Council.

Mr. J. A. Trollope, for the Peal Collection Committee, reported that the five-part, three-part, and two-part peals of Treble Bob Major were complete and ready for publication, and read the draft preface. On the proposal of the Rev. E. W. Carpenter, seconded by Mr. G. Watson, the report was adopted, and the printing was left in the hands of the committee.

The report of the Literature Committee, owing to the absence of Mr. R. A. Daniell, who has for several years been engaged on the work of the Bibliography, was again delayed.

For the Legitimate Methods' Committee, the Rev. H. Law James reported that the material for the second volume, consisting of Plain Major methods, was nearly ready for the press, and he read the draft preface to the volume.- On the proposal of Mr. J. Griffin, seconded by Mr. R. Cartwright, it was agreed that the printing be left to the committee and the hon. secretary of the Council.

The Report of the Peals' Analysis Committee was presented by Mr. A. T. King, and consisted principally of the analysis of peals rung in 1913 given in full detail, with interesting and instructive notes on various points. It was accompanied by a report on the Classification of Minor Methods founded on a careful examination of them, conducted by the Rev. A. T. Beeston, and also to a certain extent on another independent treatment of the question by Mr. J. W. Parker. On a review of these, the committee had formulated certain alterations in the classification. The report was adopted on the proposal of Mr. A. T. King, seconded by the Rev. E. W. Carpenter, with the addition of a warm expression of the thanks of the Council to the committee for their labours.

For the Towers and Belfries Committee, the President reported that he had prepared a book on the subject on the lines which he had indicated last year, and which had been adopted by the Council. He then read the preface of the book, and gave a brief summary of its contents.- On the proposal of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by the Rev. Canon Papillon, a cordial vote of thanks to the President was carried with acclamation.- Mr. E. H. Lewis gave a full and deeply interesting account of his experiments and calculations with regard to the various strains and forces acting on bell frames and towers during ringing.- Mr. E. A. Young and Mr. J. H. B. Hesse also spoke as to what had been done, and the Hon. Secretary concluded the report by stating that he had entered into correspondence with the secretary of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, so that the general work of the committee was fairly in motion.- The whole report was adopted.

It was proposed by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, and seconded by the Rev. C. E. Matthews, that the Central Council approve and issue a national badge for ringers. To this an amendment was proposed by Mr. T. R. Dennis, and seconded by Mr. E. A. Young, that the consideration of the subject be postponed until next year.- This was carried, and on then being put as the substantive motion, carried unanimously.

Mr. J. W. Jones formally moved that: "This Council, while not in any sense pledging its members individually or collectively, would, if the project could be set going on a sound practical basis, view with satisfaction the establishment of a system of inter-affiliation between the various diocesan and county associations for purposes of peal ringing," but at the same time he explained that he would have preferred to move a resolution more nearly approaching the terms of one lately passed by the Llandaff Diocesan Association. Leave for this was granted, and the substituted resolution having been moved, by Mr. Jones, and seconded by Mr. J. D. Matthews, an amendment to it was proposed by Mr. J. R. Newman, and seconded by the Rev. Canon Baker. It was pointed out by the President, that as the amendment embodied the main proposition of the resolution, its loss would involve the loss of the latter with it. It was then put, and lost by a large majority.

It was proposed by the Rev. H. Law James, and seconded by Mr. E. H. Lewis, that Superlative Surprise Royal, as given by Shipway, is the same method as the Major, but after discussion the proposal was withdrawn.

The Hon. Secretary of the Ladies' Guild having reported that the Guild now numbered 80 members, and was desirous of being represented on the Council, it was proposed by the Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn, and seconded by the Rev. C. E. Matthews, that the Guild be allowed to send representatives to the Council in proportion to the numbers on its roll was laid down in Rule 2.- Carried with dissentient.

A cordial vote of thanks to the President was proposed by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, seconded by the Rev. F. J. O. Helmore, and was carried by acclamation.


Though set forth mainly to furnish information to committees in their work, the early publication of these minutes has also another important end in view, which is that there is thus afforded to anyone concerned an opportunity of correcting anything that may be amiss either by way of omission or inaccuracy before the minutes are copied into the Minute Book, which as a rule I do not attempt till the end of the year. So far from resenting corrections, I cordially welcome them if made in good time. I, therefore, earnestly hope that, should any member of Council find any point needing amendment, he will not fail to write and indicate it. I shall be most grateful to him for so doing. What, I quite admit that I do not like is that emendations and corrections should be made at the Council meeting. It delays the work of the Council. It involves corrections in the Minute Book, leaving it with a slovenly and untidy appearance. And to myself it is distinctly disconcerting, coming, as it then does, when I have been hoping and believing that my work has been satisfactorily done, and when members have had months in which, to communicate with me.


Fretherne, Stonehouse, Glos.

The Ringing World, August 28th, 1914, page 132

The Bell News and Ringers' Record, August 29, 1914, pages 301 to 302

Schedule of Attendance

The following is a list of chosen representatives, showing those who were present, as well as the absentees.

College Youths.- Present- W. T. Cockerill, T. Faulkner, A. Hughes. Absent- T. H. Taffender.
Royal Cumberland Youths.- Present- J. D. Matthews, J. Parker. Absent- F. Bennett, H. Dains.
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association.- Present- A. E. Coles. Absent- E. E. Burgess, J. Maddock, Rev. C. C. Parker.
Bedfordshire Association.- Present- Rev. Canon W. W. C. Baker.
Birmingham (St. Martin's Guild).- Absent- W. H. Godden.
Cambridge University Guild.- Present- E. H. Lewis.
Chester Diocesan Guild.- Present- Rev. A. T. Beeston, W. Bibby.
Cleveland and North Yorks Association.- Absent- T. Metcalfe, Rev. W. P. Wright.
Devon Ringers, Guild of.- Present- Rev. M. Kelly, Rev. E. S. Powell, A. W. Searle.
Dudley and District Guild.- Absent- W. R. Small.
Durham and Newcastle Association.- Absent- C. L. Routledge, W. Story, C. Todd.
Ely Diocesan Association.- Present- T. R. Dennis.
Essex County Association.- Present- W. J. Nevard. Absent- C. H. Howard, W. H. Judd.
Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association.- Absent- J. Austin.
Hereford Diocesan Guild.- Absent- J. Clark, R. Marston.
Hertford County Association.- Present- B. Prewett.
Kent County Association.- Present- E. Barnett, Rev. F. J. O. Helmore. Absent- T. Groombridge, W. J. Jeffries.
Lancashire Association.- Present- J. H. Banks, H. Chapman, Rev. H. J. Elsee, T. Redman.
Leeds and District Association.- Absent- P. J. Johnson.
Lincoln Diocesan Guild.- Present- Rev. H. Law James, R. Richardson. Absent- G. Chester, J. W. Seamer.
Liverpool Diocesan Guild.- Absent- W. Bentham.
Llandaff Diocesan Association.- Present- J. W. Jones.
London County Association.- Present- E. A. Young. Absent- H. S. Ellis.
Middlesex County Association.- Present- J. H. B. Hesse, A. T. King, J. R. Sharman. Absent- W. Pye.
Midland Counties Association.- Present- Sir A. Heywood, E. C. Gobey, J. Griffin, J. W. Taylor.
Northants, Central, Association.- Present- D. J. Nichols, F. Wilford.
North Notts Association.- Absent- H. Haigh.
North Wales Association.- Absent- Rev. T. L. Jones.
Norwich Diocesan Association.- Present- G. P. Burton. Absent- C. E. Borrett, W. L. Catchpole, J. Motts.
Oxford Diocesan Guild.- Present- Rev. G. F. Coleridge, J. Evans, F. W. Hopgood, Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn.
Peterborough and District Association.- Present- R. Narborough.
Salisbury Diocesan Guild.- Present- Major C. C. H. D'Aeth, Rev. F. Ll. Edwards, A. F. M. Stewart. Absent- Rev. H. E. T. Bassett.
Salop Archidiaconal Guild.- Absent- J. Bradney.
Stafford Archidiaconal Society.- Present- R. Cartwright. Absent- S. Reeves.
Surrey County Association.- Present- Charles Dean, C. F. Johnston.
Sussex County Association.- Present- Keith Hart, F. B. Tompkins, G. Watson. Absent- G. H. Howse.
Towcester and District Association.- Absent- J. Slarke.
Truro Diocesan Guild.- Absent- J. C. Daubuz.
Warwickshire Guild.- Present- H. Argyle, A. Roberts.
Winchester Diocesan Guild.- Present- Rev. C. E. Matthews, J. W. Whiting. Absent- A. H. Pulling, H. White.
Worcestershire and Districts Association.- Present- J. R. Newman. Absent- T. J. Salter.
Yorkshire Association.- Absent- G. Bolland, C. Glenn, C. H. Hattersley, Rev. C. C. Marshall.
Honorary members.- Present- Rev. E. W. Carpenter, Rev. H. A. Cockey, Rev. C. D. P. Davies, Rev. Canon Papillon, J. A. Trollope, G. Williams. Absent- Rev. A. H. F. Boughey, John Carter, R. A. Daniell, J. W. Parker, J. S. Pritchett, Rev. H. S. T. Richardson, W. Snowdon, H. W. Wilde.

The Bell News and Ringers' Record, June 6, 1914, page 161

The Ringing World, June 5th, 1914, page 380

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