The third session of the Tenth Council (28th meeting) was held, by kind permission of the Mayor and Corporation, in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, Northampton, on Whitsun Tuesday, May 25th, 1920, at 11 a.m., when there were present 55 out of 98 representative members and five out of 14 honorary members, making a total of 60 present out of 112 members on the roll.

Rev. A. H. F. Boughey (President) was in the chair.

The Mayor of Northampton (Councillor F. Kilby) honoured the opening of the proceedings with his presence and made a graceful speech, extending a hearty welcome to the Town Hall and borough to the assembled members, and withdrew after a brief and cordial acknowledgement from the President, on behalf of the Council.

After prayers, the minutes of the last meeting, having been published some months previously, were taken as read, confirmed, and signed. In connection with the minutes the President announced that he had received a gracious reply to the address to the King, and the Hon. Secretary announced that he had received from Mrs. J. W. Taylor a touching reply to the message of condolence.

The President then announced that he had received the Roll of Honour of all save three of the affiliated Guilds and Associations, and that he would commence reading the combined roll at noon precisely.

Apologies for absence were announced as having been received from the hon. secretary of the Bath and Wells Association on behalf of all their representatives, Rev. E. W. Carpenter, Mr. J. Carter, Mr. H. Chapman, Mr. C. Edwards, Miss Gillingham, Mr. J. Griffin, Major Hesse, Mr. E. H. Lewis, Mr. J. W. Jones, Rev. C. C. Marshall, Rev. Canon Papillon and Mr. F. Willey.

The Hon. Treasurer presented the statement of accounts, of which the following is a summary, viz.: Balance in hand last year, £33 3s. 5d.; affiliation fees (including one in arrears), £12 10s.; sale of publications, £16 13s. 2d.; interest on stock £4 5s. 8d. Against this had been for printing, etc., £1 15s. 3d.; postage, etc., £1 1s. 5d.; leaving in hand this year £63 15s. 7d. The accounts were passed on the proposal of the Rev. Canon Coleridge, seconded by the Rev. Canon Baker.

The Hon. Librarian read the statement of the sale of publications, and was heartily congratulated and thanked on the net receipts, £16 13s. 2d., as recorded above, being much the largest annual sum hitherto realised.

The four retiring honorary members viz., Rev. E. W. Carpenter, Mr. J. George, Miss N. Gillingham and Mr. H. W. Wilde, were unanimously re-elected, on the motion of Mr. J. S. Pritchett, seconded by Mr. T. H. Beams.

The following were introduced to and shook hands with the President, viz.: Mr. A. L. Coleman of the Norwich and Ipswich Diocesan Association; Mr. W. Shepherd, of the Winchester Diocesan Association; and Mr. J. Cotterell, of the Yorkshire Association.

For the Standing Committee the President proposed, it being seconded by the Rev. M. Kelly, that a library be established for the use of members of any Guild or Association affiliated to the Council. In the course of the discussion which followed the Hon. Librarian expressed his readiness to give a library a home, at least for the time being, in his own house, this kind offer being accepted by acclamation. It was also agreed that details of the scheme be left in the hands of the president, the hon. secretary and the hon. librarian.

The President then read the draft of a circular letter which he had drawn up, embodying the suggestions of the Standing Committee, and which it was proposed to send to clergy having bells in their towers. On the proposal of the President seconded by the Rev. F. J. O. Helmore, it was resolved to circulate the letter, the suggestion being adopted that it should be sent also to Bishops, Archdeacons and Rural Deans, and that the details be left to the Standing Committee.

The discussion of the foregoing subject was interrupted at noon by the reading of the Roll of Honour, all the members rising in their places. The roll contained about 950 names, the reading of which occupied the President for 25 minutes. Bells in some of the churches were tolled for a short space at the commencement and the President recited brief prayers at the end.

The report of the Standing Committee on procedure at the meetings of Council stated that the committee had duly considered the subject and were of opinion that it would be best to leave the procedure in the hands of the President.

The Hon. Secretary reported that only seven affiliated Guilds and Associations had signified to him their decision on the question of compulsory powers being conferred on the Council, and that none of them was in favour of it. A few of the members present then reported similarly of the Associations which they represented, and, after a brief discussion, the subject dropped.

For the Peal Collection Committee the President read the report published by the Rev. H. S. T. Richardson, and Mr. H. W. Wilde also spoke. The cost of printing the collection of Treble Bob peals would at present prices, be far beyond the reach of the Council, the Standing Committee having been consulted and being unanimous on this point. It was accordingly resolved, on the proposal of the President, seconded by the Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn, that the collection be referred again to the Collection Committee.

For the Literature and Press Committee Rev. C. E. Matthews reported that Mr. R. A. Daniell had handed to him all the material that he had collected for the proposed Bibliography and that it proved to be exceedingly valuable, showing at the same time the great care and pains that had been bestowed on the matter by Mr. Daniell. For his devoted labours a cordial vote of thanks to Mr. Daniell was unanimously passed, on the proposal of the Rev. C. E. Matthews, seconded by Mr. E. A. Young. A proposal to open a subscription for printing the Bibliography was withdrawn, and a resolution, proposed by the President, and seconded by the Rev. H. Drake, was passed, instructing the Committee to continue the work, to prepare a copy to be deposited in the Council Library and publish it in the "Ringing World," or in a pamphlet, as funds would permit.

The Rev. H. Law James, for the Methods Committee, moved that the selection of Plain Methods and Little Bob Methods be printed. This was seconded by the Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn, and after the incorporation of the words, "if and when the Council thinks it advisable," as suggested by Mr. J. S. Pritchett, was duly carried.

It was further proposed by the Rev. B. H. Tyrwhitt Drake, seconded by Mr. R. Narborough, and carried, that it be an instruction to the Committee to print bobs and singles.

A proposal to publish some of the methods in the "Ringing World," payment being made by the Council, was lost.

The adoption of the report of the Peals' Analysis Committee was moved by Mr. A. T. King, seconded by Mr. G. Williams.- The Rev. H. Law James, having pointed out that two peals had been omitted from the list the President undertook to ask the hon. librarian to insert them before laying up the year's analysis in the library with the archives of the Council, and the report was adopted.- Mr. King having remarked that this committee were in need of some addition to their number, it was proposed by the Rev. Canon Coleridge, seconded by Mr. T. Groombridge and carried unanimously, that the Rev. A. T. Beeston be added to the committee.

Mr. E. A. Young read the report of the Towers and Belfries Committee, drawn up by Mr. E. H. Lewis, stating that members of the committee had been individually consulted with regard to hanging of rings of bells, but that nothing further of special note had been done.- The report was adopted.

The Rev. Canon Elsee for the Bells of Belgium Committee, reported that Mr. Lewis was hoping to go to Belgium in the near future, to obtain trustworthy information as to the real condition of the bells there, the want of accurate particulars having been the chief difficulty.

It was moved by the Rev. Canon Elsee, and seconded by the Rev. F. Ll. Edwards, "that an appeal be sent by this Council to the Bishop of London's Committee, urging the desirability of preserving all towers in the City of London in which there are notable rings of bells." An amendment to include the churches as well as their towers, moved by Mr. G. P. Burton, and seconded by Mr. T. Faulkner, having been put to the meeting, was declared lost and the original motion was then put and carried.

On behalf of Mr. E. H. Lewis, the Hon. Secretary moved that the Council compile and keep up to date an official list of the first peal and longest peal rung in each method and on each number of bells. This, having been seconded by the Rev. H. Law James was adopted, and the Rev. A. Beeston, Mr. T. Hervey Beams and the Rev. H. Law James were appointed a committee, to be styled the "Records Committee," to carry the resolution into effect.

In the absence of Mr. J. Carter, the consideration of the next subject on the agenda, that of "Surprise" methods, was postponed.

It was proposed by Mr. E. A. Young, seconded by the Hon. Secretary, and carried unanimously, that the Central Council take steps to approach the authorities of the Victoria and Albert Science and Art Museum with a view to the possibility of obtaining from them the allotment of a suitable space for the exhibition in London of bells, models, papers, drawing, etc., illustrative of campanology as a science and art.

A proposal by the Rev. H. Drake seconded pro forma by Mr. E. A. Young, that arrangements be made for the Council to hold its annual meeting on the Tuesday after the first Sunday after Trinity was rejected by an overwhelming majority.

The President moved a vote of thanks to the Mayor and Corporation of Northampton for their kindness in placing the Council Chamber at their disposal that day, and referred especially to the compliment conferred on them by the Mayor in personally welcoming them that morning.- The vote was passed with cordial unanimity.

The Hon. Secretary proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. F. Wilford for all the care and trouble that he had bestowed in making arrangements for the meeting, in particular for obtaining the use of the comfortable chamber in which they had met, and also for all the other excellent arrangements that he had made as regards ringing and in every possible direction.- The vote was carried with acclamation.

The Rev. Canon Coleridge proposed a vote of thanks to the President, which was likewise carried with acclamation, and after a few words from the President in acknowledgment of the vote, the meeting adjourned.

The Ringing World, August 6th, 1920, page 389

The President (the Rev. A. H. F. Boughey) was in the chair, and the following representatives were present:-

Ancient Society of College Youths: Mr. T. Faulkner.
Royal Cumberland Youths: Mr. J. Parker.
Bedfordshire Association: Canon W. W. C. Baker.
Chester Diocesan Guild: Rev. A. T. Beeston, Messrs. H. S. Brocklebank, R. T. Holding.
Central Northants Association: Messrs. F. Wilford and W. Perkins.
Devonshire Guild: Rev. Maitland Kelly.
Dudley and District Guild: Mr. W. Rock Small.
Essex Association: Mr. W. J. Nevard.
Hertford County Association: Rev. B. H. Tyrwhitt Drake.
Kent County Association: Rev. F. J. O. Helmore, Messrs. T. Groombridge, E. Barnett.
Ladies' Guild: Miss E. K. Parker.
Lancashire Association: Canon Elsee, Messrs. J. H. Banks, W. E. Wilson and J. R. Taylor.
Leeds and District: Mr. P. J. Johnson.
Lincoln Diocesan Guild: Rev. H. Law James, Messrs. G. Chester, J. W. Seamer and R. Richardson.
London County Association: Mr. E. A. Young.
Middlesex County Association: Messrs. A. T. King. I.S.O., and J. R. Sharman.
Midland Counties: Mr. W. E. White.
Norwich and Ipswich Association: Rev. H. Drake, Messrs. G. P. Burton and A. L. Coleman.
Oxford Diocesan Guild: Canon G. F. Coleridge, Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn, Messrs. F. Hopgood and J. Evans.
Peterborough and District Association: Mr. R. Narborough.
Salisbury Diocesan Guild: Rev. F. Ll. Edwards and Mr. T. Hervey Beams.
St. Martin's Guild for Diocese of Birmingham: Mr. W. H. Godden.
Stafford Archdeaconry Society: Messrs. H. Knight and W. Fisher.
Surrey Association: Messrs. C. F. Johnston and C. Dean.
Warwickshire Association: Messrs. H. Argyle and A. Roberts.
Winchester Guild: Rev. C. E. Matthews, Messrs. G. Williams, A. H. Pulling and W. Shepherd.
Worcestershire Association: Messrs. A. E. Parsons, W. Short and T. J. Salter.
Yorkshire Association: Messrs. G. Bolland and J. Cotterell.
Hon. Members: Messrs. J. S. Pritchett, H. W. Wilde and J. George, and the Rev. C. D. P. Davies (hon. secretary and treasurer).

The Ringing World, June 4th, 1920, page 277

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