The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Minutes of the Second Session of the 41st Council (115th Annual Meeting), held at the Queen Hotel, City Road, Chester, on Monday 4th June 2012, at 9.30 am.


Life Members: Revd Dr J C Baldwin, D G Thorne.
Additional Members: Mrs E Ainsworth*, Mrs S Bianco, R Booth, R J Cooles, A J Frost, R A Lewis, P A Trotman, Mrs P M Wilkinson.
Ex-officio: A P S Berry, Mrs M Bone, W N G Herriott*, T Jackson, W Purvis, A Regin, R J Walker#.
Ancient Society of College Youths: R I Allton, H D Coggill, P A B Saddleton, A W R Wilby.
Australian & New Zealand Assn: C D O’Mahony, J Smith.
Bath & Wells Dio. Assn: R C Backhurst, Miss J Bunyan, M Hansford, M R T Higby, R Newman.
Bedfordshire Assn: P J S Albon, R Horne, Ms S Silver.
Beverley & District Society: A J Atkinson, J Blackburn.
Cambridge Univ. Guild: R Shipp, L D G Simpson.
Carlisle Dio. Guild: Ms W Graham, D Walker.
Chester Dio. Guild: C M Orme, Mrs P Thomson, P Wilkinson, S Zientek.
Coventry Dio. Guild: M Chester, M J Dew, C Idle, C F Mew.
Derby Dio. Assn: M Banks, Mrs P A M Halls, Mrs G Hughes, Mrs E Humphrey.
Devonshire Guild: L E Boyce, J M Clarke, Mrs L P Hughes, I V J Smith.
Dorset County Association: T F Collins.
Durham & Newcastle Dio. Assn: H Smith, Mrs B M Wheeler.
East Derby & West Notts Assn: C Aked.
East Grinstead & District Guild: Mrs K Desbottes.
Ely Dio. Assn: P Bailey, G E Bonham, B Hullah.
Essex Assn: J Armstrong, F J P Bone, Mrs W Godden, B Meads, S J Nash.
Four Shires Guild: K Murphy, C M Povey.
Gloucester & Bristol Dio. Assn: D Harbottle, P G Hickey, W Nash, Prof A Newing, J Nicholls.
Guildford Dio. Guild: Mrs A M Anthony, W J Couperthwaite, Mrs B R Norris, C H Rogers.
Hereford Dio. Guild: J H Croxton, Mrs J Lawrence.
Hertford County Assn: G T Horritt, Mrs M Horritt*, G Morton, Mrs S Morton.
Irish Assn: C Holliday, Ms J Kelly, Mrs J Lysaght.
Kent County Assn: P R J Barnes, P T Dale, R H Edwards, P H Larter, Mrs C M Lewis.
Ladies Guild: Mrs C Dawson, Miss H Webb, Ms J K Wyatt.
Lancashire Assn: Miss A Brittliff, D Burgess, E de Legh-Runciman, Ms A Holliday, Mrs B Ingham.
Leeds University Society: A Crocker.
Leicester Dio. Guild: Mrs C N J Franklin, A J Preston, J R Thompson, Mrs W M Warwick.
Lichfield & Walsall Archd. Society: S Hutchieson, J F Mulvey, C M Smith.
Lincoln Dio. Guild: Mrs S Faull, Mrs J M Rogers.
Liverpool Univ. Society: R J Andrew.
Llandaff & Monmouth Dio. Assn: P S Bennett, N D Jones, Mrs P Penney.
Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild: R Bailey, Mrs H Udal.
National Police Guild: W Dowse.
North American Guild: B N Butler, Ms B Faber, A Furnivall, G Williams.
North Staffordshire Assn: C Adams, F Beech, Mrs J Beech.
North Wales Assn: A P Diserens, G P Morris.
Norwich Dio. Assn: P Adcock, M G Clements, M H Hodgkinson.
Oxford Dio. Guild: W Butler, K R Davenport, J A Harrison, Mrs B May, T G Pett.
Oxford Society: Ms C L Bell.
Oxford Univ. Society: M Bell.
Peterborough Dio. Guild: A Chantler, Mrs E J Sibson, D Westerman*.
St Martin’s Guild: J Forster.
Salisbury Dio. Guild: A C D Lovell-Wood, J Newman, R J Purnell.
Scottish Assn: S Elwell-Sutton, M A Neale.
Shropshire Assn: Mrs S Buckingham*, A M Glover.
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths: J S Barnes, G A Duke, I H Oram, D E Sibson.
South African Guild: D Carr.
Southwell and Nottingham Dio. Guild: G A Dawson, A B Mills, R E H Woolley.
Suffolk Guild: A McBurnie, S D Pettman, D G Salter.
Surrey Assn: J D Cheesman, Mrs K Flavell, P Flavell, R J Wallis.
Sussex County Assn: A R Baldock, A D Barnsdale*, D Kirkcaldy, Mrs M E Oram.
Swansea & Brecon Dio. Guild: P C Johnson.
Truro Dio. Guild: N R Mattingley, R J Perry, I P Self.
Univ. Bristol Society: C Darvill, R M Wood.
Veronese Assn: W D Roskelly*.
Winchester & Portsmouth Dio. Guild: M J Church, M K Hopkins Till, P D Niblett, A P Smith.
Worcestershire & Districts Assn: Prof A M Hodge#, S D Piper, A Roberts.
Yorkshire Assn: C B Dove, P Kirby, Ms S Laycock, B Sanders, Ms A D M Thorley.

Birmingham University Society, the Devon Association, Durham University Society, the St David’s Diocesan Guild, the Society of Sherwood Youths and London University Society were not represented.

The Chair was taken by the President, Mrs Kate Flavell.

1. Opening Prayer

The Revd David Fisher, Chester Diocesan Guild, led the Council in prayer.

Loyal Greetings

The President announced that she had sent a message of Loyal Greetings to Her Majesty the Queen on behalf of the Council. It read:

The following reply had been received from Buckingham Palace and was read to the meeting:

2. Report as to membership and subscriptions

The Hon Secretary, Mrs Mary Bone, reported that 65 societies were affiliated to the Council with 199 representatives; there was one vacancy. There were 5 Life Members, 10 Additional Members and 7 ex-officio Members. All subscriptions had been paid.

3. Welcome to new members

The President welcomed new and returning members (indicated by * and # respectively in the list of those present).

4. Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Doris Colgate and Howard Egglestone (Life Members), Adrian Semken (Additional Member), Laith Reynolds (Australian and New Zealand Assn), Yvonne Cairns and Ron Warford (Durham & Newcastle DA), Michael Williams (Durham University Society), Jane Mason (Hereford DG), Robin Heppenstall and Philip Green (Lincoln DG), Eric Brunger (Norwich DA), Alan Bentley (Oxford DG), Bernard Stone (Oxford Society), Hilary Aslett (Peterborough DG), Andrew Howes and Andrew Nicholson (Salisbury DG), Peter Hawcock (Society of Sherwood Youths), Mary Stephens (Southwell & Nottingham DG), Veronica Downing (Suffolk Guild), Diana Day (Sussex CA), Rupert Littlewood (University of London Society), Mike Winterbourne (Winchester & Portsmouth DG) and Stewart Holbeche (Worcestershire & Districts Assn). Further apologies were presented from Andrew Stubbs (Life Member), David Willis (Additional Member), Julie Doyle (Australian and New Zealand Assn), Robert Brown and Mervyn Way (Devon Assn) and Steve Jones (St Martin’s Guild).

5. Loss of members through death

Members stood in silence as the Hon Secretary read the names of members and former members who had died since the last meeting: Dennis Beresford (SRCY 1960-1978); Peter Baker (Gloucester & Bristol DA 1951-1953); Leslie Evans (Hereford DG 1945-1947); Francis (Frank) White (Hon member 1964-1976); Noel (Jim) Diserens (Oxford DG 1966-1978); Peter Staniforth (Leicester DG 1956-1981); Harold Rogers (London CA 1946-2000, Life member 2000-2012); Kenneth Arthur (Durham & Newcastle DA 1960-1977); Brian Price (Hon member 1951-1954); Valhalla Grossmith (Zimbabwe Guild 1989-2004). The Revd Dr J C Baldwin led members in prayer.

The President reminded members to declare any interest in the bell-related trade to the Hon Secretary, drawing attention to the Guidance printed in the Supplement (RW, 4 May 2012, p473), and to declare any relevant interest before speaking at the meeting or proposing a candidate for election. She asked members to notify matters of any other business to the Hon Secretary during the lunch break. She also asked members to remember that all Council members are volunteers and all should be spoken of with respect by other members.

6. Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on 30th May 2011 had been published in The Ringing World of 5 August 2011. The first line of item 10 was corrected to read “ Six Additional Members …”. There were no further corrections. The Minutes were approved and signed by the President.

7. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda

No member wished to raise any matter.

8. Annual Report of the Council
(RW 4th May 2012, p469)

The Hon Secretary noted that, since the preparation of the report, there had been one change to the figures in paragraph 4: one vacancy has been filled. The figures in the last two sentences of the first paragraph of this item should therefore read: 5 Life Members, 10 Additional Members, 7 ex-officio Members and 199 Representative Members. There is one other vacancy.

Adoption of the report was then proposed by the Hon Secretary, seconded by the Vice-President, Chris Mew, and agreed.

9. Accounts for 2011
(RW 4th May 2012, pp469-472)

The Hon Treasurer, Derek Harbottle, presented the Accounts and stated that the Independent Examiners had been able to give an unqualified report. He drew attention to the negative movement in funds, as shown in the Statement of Financial Activities, of £10,702. The General Fund had a deficit of over £3,700; this included expenditure on the new volume of the Rolls of Honour, for which donations had been received in 2010. Other costs were similar to those in the previous year. The Education Courses Fund expenditure related largely to the Wellesbourne conference in November. Thirteen grants had been paid from the Bell Restoration Fund. Two grants were awarded from the Fred Dukes Fund; none had yet been paid. The Hon Treasurer referred members to the Library and Publications committees reports for details of their funds. The General Fund continued to be invested in National Savings Income Bonds and with the CCLA Church of England Deposit Fund. Turning to 2012, the Hon Treasurer informed members that investments were being reviewed to gain more interest. Additional income from the increased affiliation fee amounted to £1,000; the same amount would be received in 2013 and the Administrative Committee had committed to review the affiliation fee annually. The Hon Treasurer formally proposed adoption of the Accounts; the Hon Secretary seconded.

Chris Rogers urged that funds be moved to benefit from higher interest rates. The Hon Treasurer replied that the Administrative Committee had considered both the level of likely future interest rates and the security of investments and recommended changes to the investment policy. Some monies had already been transferred to a fixed term deposit at a rate of 3.3% and the intention was to move further funds to fixed term deposits with varying maturity dates. Monies in the Fred Dukes Fund would also be moved to benefit from higher interest rates for term deposits.

The Accounts were agreed.

10. Election of Life Member

Bill Butler was proposed by Bobbie May, who spoke of Bill’s many years of service to the Council and the Exercise. Bill was first elected to the Council in 1957 and had served as a representative from the Oxford Diocesan Guild continuously since 1969. He had been a member of the Education Committee from 1969 to 1988, chairman for ten years and author of three books in the Beginner’s series. He served on the Library Committee from 1991 to 2005 and as chairman from 1996 to 2005. Bill had also been a member of the Publications and Administrative committees and currently served on the Biographies Committee. Tim Pett seconded and referred to Bill’s current research on biographies of 1,000 pealers, his work with handbell ringers and receipt of a Citizen’s Award in Thatcham.

Voting was by ballot and the proposal was carried by a large majority.

11. Election of Additional Members

Two Additional Members would complete their three-year term at the end of the meeting. The following advance nominations, duly proposed and seconded, had been received: Jane Wilkinson and Robert Lewis. After a ballot these candidates were declared elected. Eight vacancies remained unfilled.

12. Motions

(A) Definition of the Commencement of a Triennium

Tony Smith proposed on behalf of the Administrative Committee:

Tony noted that the 2012 Ringing Foundation annual meeting had preceded the Council meeting; if this occurred at the beginning of a triennium new members of Council would not be eligible to participate or vote and this was an obviously undesirable consequence of changing the day of the annual meeting of either the Foundation or The Ringing World Ltd. Tony sought leave of the meeting to amend the last sentence to read “… his or her name and address …”. The Hon Secretary seconded. The amendment was put to the vote and carried; the motion was then carried nem con.

(B) Statistical Analysis of Peals rung with Simulated Sound

Andrew Barnsdale proposed:

Andrew informed members of the background to this proposal and the strong feeling that, given the increase in number of such peals, they should be properly recorded and included in the statistical analysis. He stressed that these peals should comply in all other aspects with the Council’s decisions; the effect of the motion would be that in future they would be included in the analysis in their own section. Catherine Lewis seconded.

Andrew Mills opposed the motion, stating that it did not comply with the Council’s view of synthetic bells in Decision A. He supported the use of simulators for teaching purposes but not for peal ringing. In discussion, many members supported the motion, stressing that the level of performance required for such peals was as great as if they were rung on open bells and that this was a technical motion on the recording of such peals. In response to a query from Norman Mattingley, Peter Niblett confirmed that the motion would not affect record peals; the effect would be that peals such as those listed in text on p476 would be displayed in tabular format.

Replying to the comments and discussion, Andrew Barnsdale reiterated that this was a technical motion solely concerned with the accurate recording and analysis of such peals.

The motion was put to the vote and carried by majority.

(C) Terms of Reference of the Public Relations Committee

John Harrison proposed on behalf of the Public Relations Committee:

John explained that the motion clarified and made explicit the aims of the Committee. Barrie Dove seconded.

The motion was put to the vote and carried nem con.

13. Change Ringing for the Future

Elva Ainsworth introduced discussion of a previously circulated paper with a quotation from Canon Christopher Humphries’ address, given at the Songs of Praise service in Chester Cathedral, on ringers’ “unique and hugely important calling”. Elva paid tribute to the commitment, energy and focus of so many ringers; however, the statistics clearly showed the decline in the number of ringers in younger age groups and projected a shortfall of 10,000 ringers by 2038. The Wellesbourne conference had focused on the key tasks necessary to change this long-term trend. Ringing societies and the Central Council must co-ordinate and connect nationally and internationally with recruitment and training taking place at tower level. Chris Mew gave a detailed introduction to the paper, referring to the many valuable initiatives by bands, societies and the Ringing Foundation to recruit and retain ringers: each and every ringer and Council representative had a part to play. The Council’s rôle was to provide information, training materials and documentation and form a supportive framework, with local societies, to aid tower captains and bands. The proposed Forum would not be yet another committee but would play a co-ordinating rôle to ensure that available resources were used efficiently. Chris urged support for the Integrated Teacher Training Scheme and the Association of Ringing Teachers. He reported, from a brief survey of association websites, that 3 associations had youth groups and youth officers, while others held a number of events specifically for young ringers. He asked representatives to examine how much work their societies were conducting with younger age groups and to report back to the Council on their strategies and the resources required to implement them. Chris drew attention to the work of the Ringing Foundation and the need to finance ringing training on a proper basis. (applause.)

A number of points were made in discussion: that the emphasis on young ringers should not exclude other age groups; that traditional sources of recruitment from church congregations are less successful as congregations age and decline; that new groups such as school students should be targeted and that ringing can enhance education in many ways; that ringing for service remained the raison d’être; that successful bands depended on dynamic leadership; that retention is a key factor and that many lapsed ringers could be recruited; that training costs as estimated by the Ringing Foundation should be re-examined; and that Council committees, the Ringing Foundation and the Association of Ringing Teachers must work together.

Chris and Elva summarised the key comments and suggestions made, reiterated that ringers had an important outreach rôle for the Church, and emphasised the vision of ringing as attractive and visible to target recruitment groups. (applause.)

14. Committee Reports

(The reports were published in The Ringing World Supplement of 4th May 2012. The relevant page numbers are shown against each report).

The President drew members’ attention to the different layout of the ballot paper and stated that papers would not necessarily be collected after each vote; she asked that ballot papers be passed to the end of the row for ease of collection. The President also asked those nominating candidates for election to the committees to come forward to the lectern.

(a) Administrative (p473)

Adoption of the report was proposed by the Hon Secretary, who thanked Robert Lewis and The Ringing World staff for their assistance in producing an excellent Supplement on time. She drew attention to the forthcoming meeting with English Heritage and the Church Buildings Council and asked members to contact herself, James Clarke or Bob Cooles with items for the agenda. The Hon Secretary thanked members for participating in the survey on electronic circulation of papers for the Council meeting and noted the saving on postage costs. The Vice-President seconded. Adoption of the report was then agreed.

John Baldwin, Robert Lewis, Judith Rogers and Andrew Wilby retired; John Baldwin and Judith Rogers did not seek re-election. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 4 vacancies on the Committee: Fred Bone, Robert Lewis, Andrew Wilby and Jane Wilkinson.

(b) Education (pp473-474)

Adoption of the report was proposed by Peter Dale, seconded by Geoff Horritt and agreed.

Wendy Graham, Geoff Horritt, Catherine Lewis and Brian Sanders retired. Peter Dale informed the meeting that Claire Bell had now resigned. Six candidates were proposed and seconded to fill the 5 vacancies on the Committee. The President rejected a suggestion that the committee size be increased. After a ballot the following were declared elected: Tony Furnivall, Geoff Horritt, Susan Laycock, Catherine Lewis and Brian Sanders. The unsuccessful candidate was David Roskelly.

(c) Information and Communications Technology (p474)

Mike Chester proposed adoption of the report. Peter Trotman, seconding, reported that the Committee had now selected a different content management system (CMS) for the website. This CMS was already used by Mike Chester and it was hoped to implement the new system by year-end. In response to questions, Mike Chester confirmed that the website already had a hit counter and that Joomla! was the selected CMS. Adoption of the report was agreed.

Alan Chantler and Mike Chester retired. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 2 vacancies on the Committee: Alan Chantler and Mike Chester.

(d) Library (pp474-475)

In proposing adoption of the report, Stella Bianco thanked Alison Hodge for her work with the Committee. The Committee would welcome assistance with their website and from those with IT skills. The next Book Day would be held on 23 February 2013. Alan Glover seconded and adoption of the report was agreed.

Alison Hodge and Ian Self retired. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 2 vacancies on the Committee: Jenny Lawrence and Ian Self.

(e) Methods (p475)

Peter Niblett proposed adoption of the report and informed members that Leigh Simpson had now stood down from the Committee. He thanked Leigh for all his work. Those to retire from the Committee would therefore be Philip Saddleton and Leigh Simpson. Robin Woolley seconded. Adoption of the report was agreed.

Philip Saddleton and Leigh Simpson retired. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 2 vacancies on the Committee: Henry Coggill and Philip Saddleton.

(f) Peal Records (pp475-479)

Proposing adoption of the report, Richard Allton noted that no ‘non-compliant’ peals were included in the analysis. He informed members of two corrections to the list of first peals in methods rung on handbells (p477, col 3): the peal on 14 March should be credited to the Leicester Diocesan Guild and that on 10 August to the Derby Diocesan Association. Derek Sibson seconded.

Tony Smith stated that, according to Decision (D)E, non-compliant peals should be identified; the four non-compliant peals were 5040 Rutland S Royal on 5 May, 5040 Yorkshire S Royal on 12 June and 5088 Yorkshire S Major on 10 July, all at Hopton Heath, and 5056 Cambridge S Major on 13 July at Brampton. Both Andrew Mills and Catherine Lewis referred to the implications of Motion B for the analysis, while Roger Bailey commented that some non-compliant peals were more significant than others. Richard responded that the Committee would consider all these comments carefully with a view to a possible motion in 2013. Adoption of the report was then agreed.

Richard Allton, Ben Duke (co-opted) and Philip Larter retired. There were 5 vacancies on the Committee; Richard Allton explained that the Committee wished to expand to enable it to compile missing information on historic record peals. The following three members were proposed, seconded and elected: Richard Allton, Ben Duke and Philip Larter. Two vacancies were unfilled. The President asked members interested in the work of this Committee to contact the chairman with a view to co-option during the year.

(g) Public Relations (pp479-481)

Barrie Dove, proposing adoption of the report, noted that the complaints helpline, which had been run by Alan Chantler for over 10 years, would transfer to the Tower Stewardship Committee. He also reported the result of the consultation on future Roadshows: over 80% of respondents favoured a one-day event. After consultation with the bell foundries and hangers a provisional booking had been made at Newbury Racecourse for either 7 or 14 September 2014. Helen Udal seconded. Adoption of the report was agreed after these dates were corrected to either 6 or 13 September 2014.

Claire Bell had resigned; Alan Chantler, Nicholas Jones (co-opted), Michael Orme and Jane Wilkinson retired; Alan Chantler did not seek re-election. Five candidates were proposed and seconded to fill the 4 vacancies on the Committee. After a ballot the following were declared elected: Lynne Hughes, Emma Humphrey, Nicholas Jones and Michael Orme. The unsuccessful candidate was Jane Wilkinson.

The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12.30 pm and resumed, after the Annual Meeting of The Ringing World Limited, at 3.04 pm.

(h) Publications (pp481-482)

John Couperthwaite proposed the report and drew attention to the new edition of Dove, on sale at the meeting. He thanked all those involved in the project, especially the Dove Stewards and the contractor, Philip Green. Beryl Norris seconded. Adoption of the report was agreed.

Julian Newman and Barbara Wheeler retired. The following members were proposed and seconded to fill the 2 vacancies on the Committee: Philip Green and Barbara Wheeler. Sue Faull, proposing Philip Green, declared his interest as a supplier of printing services to the Committee. The President declared them elected.

(i) Redundant Bells (pp482-483)

Adoption of the report was proposed by Bob Cooles, who declared an interest as company secretary of John Taylor & Co. He thanked the retiring founding members of the Committee for their contributions to its work and referred to the Committee’s involvement with the central institutions of the Church of England and to joint projects with the Keltek Trust to rescue bells. The report was seconded by Julian Newman and agreed.

John Baldwin and Alan Frost retired and did not seek re-election. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 2 vacancies on the Committee: Tim Jackson and David Westerman.

(j) Ringing Centres (p483)

Norman Mattingley proposed adoption of the report and drew attention to Training Times, available to members at the meeting. Roger Booth seconded and adoption of the report was then agreed.

Alan Bentley, Roger Booth and Leslie Boyce retired. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 3 vacancies on the Committee: Alan Bentley, Roger Booth and Leslie Boyce.

(k) Ringing Trends (pp483-484)

In proposing adoption of the report, Alison Hodge updated members on the Committee’s study of university ringing societies and on the pilot survey of young ringers in the Oxford Diocesan Guild. Any society wishing to undertake the survey in its own area should contact Tim Pett for a copy of the questionnaire. Tony Furnivall, seconding, reported that the students at Trinity were now ringing rounds and call changes and would ring for their high school graduation. Robin Woolley asked what percentage of university science student ringers were mathematicians; Alison agreed to investigate and respond directly to Robin. Adoption of the report was agreed.

Stephen Elwell-Sutton and Ashley Fortey retired. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 3 vacancies on the Committee: Elva Ainsworth, Stephen Elwell-Sutton and Guy Morton.

(l) Towers and Belfries (pp484-485)

Adoption of the report was proposed by James Clarke, who informed members that the next tower inspection seminar would be held at Tadcaster on 29 September; places were still available. An article on rope manufacturers and supply had appeared in The Ringing World (RW, 18 May 2012, p521). The report was seconded by Chris Povey. Frank Beech reported that he had used Hardy Hemp, supplied by Marlow Ropes, for artificial tail ends with no complaints. Chris Rogers commented that the situation regarding rope manufacture and supply had improved since last year; he noted the letter from Philip Pratt of Avon Ropes in the current issue of The Ringing World (RW, 1 June 2012, p570). James Clarke welcomed Philip’s letter and added that copies of the Committee’s article were available on the Towers and Belfries stall. Adoption of the report was agreed.

Peter Bennett, George Dawson, Chris Povey and Bernard Stone retired. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 4 vacancies on the Committee: Peter Bennett, George Dawson, Chris Povey and David Roskelly.

(m) Tower Stewardship (p485)

Christopher O’Mahony proposed adoption of the report. He noted the good working relationship with the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, informed members that the Committee would undertake a survey of guilds on child protection issues, and referred to the transfer of responsibility for the complaints helpline. Ernie de Legh-Runciman seconded. Chris Adams requested stable links for updates to guidance notes; Christopher O’Mahony agreed that these would be helpful. Anthony Lovell-Wood asked if the change of wording to ‘safeguarding’ from ‘child protection’ affected ringers. Chris Mew replied that there was no substantive change; however, a number of changes would be introduced with Royal Assent to the Protection of Freedoms Act. Updated information would be published in The Ringing World. Chris asked any bands experiencing problems on child protection issues to contact him. Adoption of the report was then agreed.

Ernie de Legh-Runciman and Chris Mew retired. The following members were proposed and seconded to fill the 2 vacancies on the Committee: Alan Chantler, Ernie de Legh-Runciman and Chris Mew. David Burgess suggested that the committee size be increased. This was formally proposed by Derek Sibson, as the Committee was taking on the additional task of running the complaints helpline, seconded by David Burgess and approved. The President therefore declared the 3 candidates elected, stating that the transfer of the complaints helpline created a special case for an increase and that committee sizes should not normally be increased at the meeting.

(n) Bell Restoration (pp485-487)

Proposing adoption of the report, Robin Shipp paid tribute to all the work done by Jackie Roberts during her time as a committee member, particularly with the FunderFinder database. Peter Wilkinson, seconding, urged members to increase awareness of the Committee among ringers and parishes and drew attention to sales of prints and jigsaws during the day, which had raised over £300 for the Council’s Bell Restoration Fund. Adoption of the report was agreed.

John Barnes, Frank Beech and Ken Davenport retired; Jackie Roberts was no longer a member of Council. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 4 vacancies on the Committee: John Barnes, Frank Beech, Ken Davenport and Chris Rogers.

(o) Biographies (p487)

Adoption of the report was proposed by Pat Halls. She referred to the ITC ICT Committee report on implementation of a new CMS, which would delay online submission of biographical data via the website, and encouraged members to complete biographies forms. John Harrison seconded and adoption of the report was agreed.

Pat Halls, John Harrison, Bobbie May and Margaret Oram retired. Five candidates were proposed and seconded to fill the 4 vacancies on the Committee. After a ballot the following were declared elected: Henry Coggill, John Harrison, Bobbie May and Margaret Oram. The unsuccessful candidate was Wendy Graham.

Alison Hodge noted that Pat Halls, retiring chairman, had not stood for re-election and thanked her for her work for the Committee. This was endorsed by the meeting.

(p) Compositions (pp487-488)

Paul Flavell proposed adoption of the report and thanked Philip Saddleton for his work on the Committee, especially with the Stedman collection. Richard Allton, seconding, thanked The Ringing World for timely publication of compositions for Jubilee-related methods. Peter Wilkinson queried the Committee’s decision not to proceed with a publication of quarter peal compositions. Paul agreed to reconsider this decision and Richard urged composers to submit quarter peal compositions.

Richard Allton, Stuart Hutchieson and Philip Saddleton retired. The following members were proposed, seconded and elected to fill the 3 vacancies on the Committee: Richard Allton, Fred Bone and Stuart Hutchieson.

The President thanked all committee members and stewards for their work for the Council, especially those who had not stood for re-election. She stressed that most of the Council’s work was conducted by the committees and that the reports fully demonstrated their usefulness to all ringers.

Derek Sibson asked for further information on the Publications and Library funds, which the Treasurer had stated would be covered in those committee reports. The Hon Treasurer referred to the fourth paragraph of the Publications Committee report (p 481) on the fund and its deficit, largely caused by a stock write-down. The Library Fund had incurred the additional costs of the move to Worthen. [Post-meeting note: in the minutes of the 1998 meeting in Dublin Item 10 says “In presenting the accounts, the Hon. Treasurer, Mr E. G. H. Godfrey, said that previously adoption of the Accounts had been delayed pending consideration of the reports of the Library and Publications Committees, so that questions on the Friends of the Library and Publications Accounts could be dealt with then. However, with the change in the format of the Accounts, it was more appropriate that they should be dealt with in their entirety at this stage.”.]

15. Report of the Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine Collection (RW 4th May 2012, p488)

Adoption of the report was proposed by Bill Purvis and seconded by Alan Berry, who declared an interest as a volunteer at the Bellfoundry Museum. The report was agreed.

16. Report of the Steward of the Rolls of Honour (RW 4th May 2012, p488)

Alan Regin proposed adoption of the report and reported that the frontispiece to and writing of the new volume were complete and that the binding was currently in progress. Ian Self seconded and adoption of the report was then agreed.

17. Report of the Stewards of the Dove Database (RW 4th May 2012, pp488-489)

Proposing adoption of the report, John Baldwin thanked Tim Jackson for his work on quality assurance and Robert Lewis for regular insertions on the database in The Ringing World. He reminded members to notify changes and updates both promptly and accurately. John added that the underlying database used was DOS-based and asked young database experts or those with experience of social networking sites to contact the stewards. Tim Jackson seconded and the report was agreed.

18. Central Council Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells (Registered Charity no. 278816)
Report and Accounts

(RW 4th May 2012, p489)

Adoption of the report and accounts was proposed by Bob Cooles and seconded by John Baldwin. Stella Bianco noted the income from EveryClick and commended its use. Adoption of the report and accounts was agreed.

19. Future meetings

The President reminded members that invitations had been accepted for future years as follows:

The President reported that an invitation had been received from the Beverley & District Society for 2015; the meeting voted to accept this invitation. The President reminded members that invitations for 2017 and future years would be welcome.

Chris Rogers outlined plans for the visit of the Council to Guildford in 2013.


The Hon Secretary reported on attendance at the meeting as set out in the table below and thanked Stephen Franklin for compiling the attendance records.

20. Other Business

(a) The President sought agreement for the ballot papers to be destroyed and this was given.

(b) The President encouraged members to act as ambassadors for the Central Council and report back to their associations both on the Council’s work and on their own work for the Council.

(c) Stephen Pettman informed the meeting that the annual all-Italy meeting due to be held in Cento last weekend had been postponed because of the recent earthquake, during which a number of rings of bells had been lost. One of the items under discussion is the establishment of a version of the Central Council, to include the many different systems of ringing in Italy. The meeting agreed that Stephen should pass on the good wishes of the Council to all those affected by the earthquake.

(d) John Harrison drew attention to material on ringing and the national curriculum on the All Saints, Wokingham, website at http://allsaintswokinghambells.org.uk/ASRinging/Community/Schools.html#Projects; this could be freely re-used. John also informed members that Council recruiting leaflets were available for collection.

(e) The Hon Secretary reminded members to return badges and, especially, badge holders.

(f) Alan Frost congratulated the President on the conduct of the meeting. The President thanked Alan for his kind words and said that she would request feedback and comments on the meeting in her next blog.

Votes of Thanks

The President moved a comprehensive vote of thanks to all those involved in the Council’s visit to Chester: to the organising committee of the Chester Diocesan Guild: David Adams, Jane Davies, Peter Dyson, David Fulton, Alan McFall, Michael Orme, Jackie Roberts, Pam Thomson, Peter Wilkinson and Stefan Zientek; and to all the members of the Guild who had willingly given assistance on the Help Desk at that day’s meeting and throughout the weekend, provided stewards for the tours and acted as tellers and microphone operatives that day; to the Master of the Guild for his welcome and for his speech at the Sunday evening Reception and Dinner; to the Bishop of Chester, the Rt Revd Peter Forster, for his welcome to the Diocese and for his speech at the Reception and Dinner; to all those involved in the organisation of the Sunday evening Reception and Dinner and especially the Lord Mayor of Chester, Councillor Pamela Booher, for her welcome; to the Dean and Chapter for the Songs of Praise service on Sunday afternoon at the Cathedral, and especially to the Vice-Dean, Revd Canon Peter Howell-Jones, and to the Precentor, Revd Canon Christopher Humphries; to the Revd Brian Harris for the service of Holy Communion that morning; and to the incumbents and ringers of the churches who had made their bells available to Council members. (applause).

The President declared the meeting closed at 4.43 pm.

Summary of Attendance
Fully represented39116-
Partly represented205125
Not represented6-7

Life Members23
Additional Members82


The Ringing World, August 31, 2012, pages 922 to 924 and 934 to 935

(Archivist’s note: also absent were Adam Brady (Birmingham Univ. Society), Paul Seaman (Ely Dio. Assn), Ashley Fortey (Hereford Dio. Guild), Frank Blagrove and Peter Kemp (Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild), Aiden Butcher (St David’s Dio. Guild), Mary Jones (Truro Dio. Guild) and Paolo Avesani (Veronese Assn))

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