The Ninth Annual Meeting of the Council was held in the Hall of the Conservative Club, Norwich, on Tuesday, May 23rd the President, Sir Arthur P. Heywood, Bart., in the chair. Of representative members, forty-three were present out of eighty, representing twenty-four out of thirty-one societies; and, of honorary members, four out of eleven.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

On the motion of Mr. Snowdon, seconded by Mr. Dains, the only retiring honorary member, Mr. T. Lockwood, was re-elected.

The Hon. Secretary - the Rev. H. Earle Bulwer - read the statement of accounts shewing a balance from the last year of £59 13s. 1d.: receipts from subscriptions £10 5s. 0d.; total £69 18s. 1d. Expenditure: Rail Fare Committee, £4; Glossary Committee, £2 3s. 6d.: Reporting, postage, etc., £2 19s. 5d.; total, £9 2s. 11d., leaving a balance in band of £60 15s. 2d. On the motion of the Rev. F. E. Robinson, seconded by Mr. Story the accounts were passed.

The Rev. H. A. Cockey made a statement as to the progress of the labours of the Rail fare Committee.

The Rev. H. Earle Bulwer read the report of the Technical Terms Committee, shewing that their work was nearly completed. On the motion of Mr. Attree, seconded by Mr. Griffin, the report was adopted, and the form of publication of the Glossary was left in the hands of the Committee to be issued in such manner as they considered desirable.

The Rev. H. Earle Bulwer read the report of the Committee on Peal Collection, drawing attention to the importance of obtaining some guarantee of an adequate sale of the compilation when issued. On the motion of Mr. S. Reeves, seconded by the Rev. F. E. Robinson, the report was adopted.

The President made a statement in regard to the progress of the work of the Committee on the Condition of Bells.

Mr. Attree, on behalf of the Peal Values Committee, said they could not see their way to report in favour of the weight of the bells being taken into consideration in assigning points to a peal. On the motion of Mr. Trollope, seconded by the Rev. H. L. James, the Committee were requested to report to the next meeting upon the desirability of assigning thirty-two points to Double Norwich Maximus, and twenty-eight to Royal.

On the motion of the Rev. H. Earle Bulwer, seconded by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, it was resolved that the next (London) meeting be confined to one day and be divided into two sittings, the first to commence at eleven o’clock; further arrangements to be left in the bands of the Standing Committee.

On the motion of the Rev. H. A. Cockey, seconded by the Rev. F. E. Robinson, it was resolved that the Rev. H. L. James, Messrs. H. Dains, J. Carter, A. Craven, and J. Trollope, be appointed a Committee to report as to the best definition of what constitutes a method.

Mr. Attree opened a discussion on the advantages or otherwise of paid ringing.

Mr. Wm. Snowdon opened a discussion on “the desirability of Prize-Ringing in any form.”

The Rev. F. E. Robinson opened a discussion on the supply of qualified conductors and the numbers that should be attached to one company.

For lack of time it was agreed to adjourn to the next meeting the consideration of the question of “How best to instruct beginners in the Art of Change-Ringing.”

The President moved, and Mr. Story seconded a vote of thanks to the Norwich ringers, which was carried unanimously.

A vote of thanks to the President and Hon. Secretary, moved by the Rev. F. E. Robinson, and seconded, by Mr. Snowdon concluded the meeting.

The Bell News and Ringers’ Record, July 2, 1899, page 64, correction July 15, 1899, page 88

Ancient Society of College YouthsH. R. NewtonW. T. Cockerill
W. Burkin
W. D. Smith
Royal Cumberland YouthsH. DainsB. Foskett
A. Jacob
J. Parker
St. James’ Society, LondonE. P. O’MearaW. Weatherstone
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association(Unrepresented)Rev. H. C. Courtney
C. E. D. Boutflower
Bedfordshire AssociationRev. W. W. C. Baker
Birmingham and District Society(Unrepresented)G. Hitchman
Birmingham, St. Martin’s GuildW. H. Godden
Chester Diocesan GuildJ. Dillon
W. Walmsley
Devonshire GuildRev. M. KellyF. Shepherd
Durham and Newcastle AssociationR. S. StoryW. Holmes
T. Hudson
Ely Diocesan Association(Unrepresented)Rev. W. W. Crump
Essex AssociationRev. T. L. PapillonF. G. Newman
N. J. Pitstow
W. J. Nevard
Gloucester and Bristol AssociationRev. H. A. CockeyRev. E. B. James
G. H. Phillott
Hereford Diocesan Guild(Unrepresented)T. J. Bratton
Hertford County Association(Unrepresented)E. P. Debenham
Kent County AssociationRev. E. W. CarpenterRev. F. J. O. Helmore
W. HaighF. W. Thornton
Lancashire AssociationRev. H. J. ElseeRev. C. A. Clements
J. Eachus
R. Ridyard
Leeds and District Amalgamated Society(Unrepresented)R. Binns
Liverpool Diocesan Guild(Unrepresented)W. Bentham
Midland Counties’ AssociationSir A. P. Heywood, Bart.J. W. Taylor
W. Wakley
J. Griffin
Middlesex AssociationJ. WaghornW. H. L. Buckingham
J. Basden
Norwich Diocesan AssociationRev. H. Earle Bulwer
W. L. Catchpole
J. Motts
J. A. Trollope
North Lincolnshire AssociationA. CravenG. Chester
Oxford Diocesan GuildRev. F. E. RobinsonJ. W. Washbrook
Rev. G. F. Coleridge
A. H. Cocks
Salisbury Diocesan Guild(Unrepresented)Rev. A. D. Hill
T. Blackbourn
A. Smith
South Lincolnshire AssociationRev. H. L. James
Stafford Archdeaconry SocietyS. ReevesRowland Cartwright
Surrey AssociationDr. Carpenter
C. Dean
Sussex AssociationRev. C. D. P. DaviesS. Saker
G. F. Attree
G. Williams
Winchester Diocesan GuildRev. R. C. M. HarveyRev. C. E. Matthews
H. WhiteJ. W. Whiting
Worcestershire AssociationR. E. GroveJ. S. Pritchett
Yorkshire AssociationW. SnowdonC. H. Hattersley
G. Bolland
G. Breed
Hon. MembersRev. J. H. PilkingtonW. H. Thompson
Rev. A. H. F. BougheyF. E. Ward
F. W. ReesF. E. Dawe
J. CarterT. Lockwood
J. C. Mitchell
J. Pettit
E. F. Strange

Hon. Memberspresent4
Total memberspresent43

The Bell News and Ringers’ Record, July 15, 1899, page 89

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