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Cabot Minor
Caburn Castle Major
Cacofonix Minor
Caddington Minor Minor
Cadmium Minor
Cadoxton Minor
Caernarvon Minor
Caesium Minor
Cairngorm McWomble the Terrible Major
Calboroughs Major
Calcium Minor
Calderdale Major
Caldicot Major
Californium Minor
Callanish Major
Callipygean Major
Callum Minor
Calunio Major
Camber Castle Major
Camberwick Green Major
Cambridge Minor
Cambridge Little Major
Cambridge Blue Major
Camel Major
Camellia Major
Cameron Major
Camino de Santiago Minor
Campsall Major
Campton Major
Canada Major
Canal Street Major
Candlemas Major
Canfield Major
Canon Clayton Major
Canon's Major
Cans ha Kensa Minor
Cansves Forth Noweth war Whegh Clogh Minor
Canterbury Minor
Cantiaci Major
Cantigny Major
Cantrell Major
Capricorn Major
Captain Clark Minor
Captain's Major
Cara Major
Carbon Minor
Carew Minor
Carey Royal
Carfax Minor
Carisbrooke Minor
Carisbrooke Major
Carlisle Major
Carl Wark Major
Carmela Major
Carmignano Major
Carn Eighe Royal
Carnithen Major
Carn Mor Minor
Carn Mor Dearg Royal
Caroline's Birthday Minor
Carr Dyke Major
Cartwright Minor
Carvetii Major
Carys Major
Cassandra Major
Cassi Major
Cassiobury Major
Cassiterite Minor
Castle Gresley Minor
Castleton Minor
Castor Major
Caterham Hill Major
Catherine Major
Catherine Little Maximus
Cat's Eye Minor
Cattistock Major
Cauldron Dome Little Maximus
Causey Arch Major
Cavendish Minor
Cawthorne Minor
Celebration Minor
Celovion Major
Centenary Major
Centquatre Major
Centrelink Minor
Ceodre Major
Cerium Minor
Chailey Minor
Chalfont St Giles Major
Chalford Minor
Champion Major
Champion Dragon Royal
Chandler Major
Chandos Royal
Chant Major
Chapelfields Major
Chapelfield Shopping Centre Minor
Chapel Hill Major
Chapel Row Major
Charing Heath Royal
Charleston Major
Charleston Royal
Charleston Maximus
Charlgrove Minor
Charlie Major
Charlwood Minor
Charter Major
Chartley Minor
Chartres Royal
Chatteris Major
Cheapside Bob Minor
Cheddar Valley Major
Cheesecake Major
Chelmsford Major
Chelsea Minor
Chelsfield Major
Cheluvelt Major
Chepstow Minor
Cherry-Garrard Minor
Cherry Hinton Major
Cherry Red Peugeot Minor
Cherwell Valley Major
Cheshunt Major
Chester Maximus
Chesterfield Maximus
Chetwode Major
Chew Magna Major
Chew Stoke Major
Chewton Mendip Major
Chew Valley Major
Chianti Major
Chichester Minor
Chichester Castle Major
Chicxulub Royal
Chiddingstone Major
Chilcompton Major
Childrey Major
Childswickham Minor
Chiltern Major
Chilterns Maximus
China Major
Chinkwell Tor Minor
Chiseldon Minor
Chisleu Major
Chloe Alicia Minor
Chlorine Minor
Christ Church Primary School 300 Major
Christingle Major
Christmas Major
Christmas Royal
Christmas Maximus
Christmas Eve Major
Christmas Pudding Minor
Christmas Steps Major
Christmas Time Major
Chromium Minor
Chrysoprase Minor
Church Broughton Minor
Churchfields Maximus
Church Lawford Minor
Church Stretton Major
Citrine Minor
City Minor
City of Culture Major
City of York Royal
Clanfield Major
Clapham Common Major
Clapton Major
Clare Minor
Claremont Minor
Clarence Minor
Clarence Major
Claude Major
Clayhanger Major
Clayton Minor
Clayworth Major
Cleethorpes Royal
Cleeve Prior Minor
Clementhorpe Major
Clent Major
Clerk's Major
Clevedon Major
Clifford Major
Clifford Chambers Minor
Clifton Major
Clipston Minor
Clowne Royal
Clun Royal
Clwyd Minor
Coalville Royal
Coast to Coast Minor
Coathanger Major
Cobalt Minor
Cobden Major
Cockcroft Major
Cocker Hoop Major
Coddington Minor
Codsall Major
Cogenhoe Minor
Colborne Little Major
Cold Ashby Minor
Cold Christmas Major
Coleshill Major
Colgan Minor
College Minor
College Bob IV Minor
College Green Minor
College New Minor
College Youths Pleasure Major
College Youths Pleasure Royal
College Youths Pleasure Maximus
Collings Golden Minor
Collinson Minor
Cologne Royal
Colombo Major
Colorado Royal
Colston Major
Combe Florey Minor
Combeinteignhead Minor
Combermere Minor
Compton Greenfield Major
Computer Says No Minor
Concorde Royal
Confirmation Minor
Congresbury Major
Conisborough Minor
Coniston Bluebird Major
Conspicuous Hill Minor
Conway Minor
Cooktown Orchid Major
Coombe Dingle Major
Copertino Major
Copmanthorpe Royal
Copper Minor
Corbridge Major
Corby Minor
Corda Major
Coria Major
Cornelian Minor
Cornovii Major
Cornubia Major
Coromandel Major
Coronation Minor
Corse Minor
Cosgreave Major
Cos Hill Major
Coston Major
Cothelstone Minor
Cotswold Way Major
Cottingham Major
Cotton Major
Counter's Creek Maximus
Counterslip Major
Countess Judith Major
Coventry Minor
Coventry Centenary Royal
Cowdray Castle Major
Coxheath Royal
Coxtie Green Minor
Craven's Diamond Major
Creag MacRanaich Major
Creag Meagaidh Royal
Crebawethan Major
Crediton Royal
Cree Major
Creones Major
Crich Tramway Minor
Cromarty Royal
Croome d'Abitot Minor
Cropthorne Minor
Cropwell Butler Minor
Croscombe Minor
Cross Fell Major
Crowhurst Castle Major
Crowland Minor
Croxden Minor
Crystal Casket Minor
Cubley Brook Minor
Cuilcagh Minor
Cullacabardee Minor
Cullompton Royal
Cumberland Major
Cumberworth Minor
Cuntastorp Major
Cuprum Minor
Curium Minor

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