Minutes of the Second Session of the Twenty-Eighth Council (76th Annual Meeting).
Held at the Town Hall, Oxford, on Tuesday, May 29, 1973.

Mr. J. Freeman, President of the Council, presided.


Life Members: E. A. Barnett, J. Freeman, F. W. Perrens, F. Sharpe, Dean A. G. G. Thurlow, T. W. White.
Honorary Members: Mrs. O. D. Barnett, B. Austin, F. E. Collins, C. W. Denyer, G. R. Drew, Mrs. S. M. Drew, Canon K. W. H. Felstead, D. Hughes, S. J. Ivin, C. K. Lewis, J. R. Mayne, G. W. Pipe, R. B. Smith, R. F. B. Speed, W. H. Viggers, F. A. White, Mrs. M. A. Wratten.
Ancient Society of College Youths: W. T. Cook, J. S. Mason, R. B. Meadows, W. Williams.
Australia & New Zealand Assn.: P. M. J. Gray.
Bath & Wells Dio. Assn.: G. W. Massey, E. Naylor, A. H. Reed, J. S. Walton.
Bedfordshire Assn.: J. H. Edwards, K. H. Fleming, A. E. Rushton.
Beverley & District Society: I. G. Campbell.
Cambridge U. Guild: B. D. Threlfall.
Chester Dio. Guild: A. J. Martin.
Coventry Dio. Guild: P. Border, G. W. Randall, H. M. Windsor.
Cumberland & North Westmorland Assn.: R. W. D. Wetenhall.
Derby Dio. Assn.: G. A. Halls, M. Phipps.
Durham & Newcastle Dio. Assn.: K. Arthur, D. A. Bayles.
East Grinstead & District Guild: K. G. Game.
Ely Dio. Assn.: A. M. Barber, J. G. Gipson, E. H. Mastin.
Essex Assn.: J. Armstrong, F. B. Lufkin, P. J. Rothera, D. Sloman.
Gloucester & Bristol Dio. Assn.: L. C. Edwards, A. R. Peake, J. R. Taylor, C. A. Wratten.
Guildford Dio. Guild: M. J. Church, T. Page, D. E. Parsons, P. G. Smart.
Guild of Devonshire Ringers: Fr. P. Angold, J. M. Clarke, Revd. J. G. M. Scott.
Hereford Dio. Guild: T. Cooper, P. Hughes, R. G. Powell, A. T. Wingate.
Hertford County Assn.: A. R. Agg, W. Ayre, B. M. Barker, G. Dodds.
Irish Assn.: F. E. Dukes.
Kent County Assn.: P. A. Corby, S. Jenner, M. H. D. O'Callaghan, I. H. Oram.
Ladies' Guild: Miss D. E. Colgate, Mrs. P. J. Staniforth, Mrs. J. Summerhayes.
Lancashire Assn.: C. Crossthwaite, J. P. Partington, F. Reynolds.
Leicester Dio. Guild: R. H. Cook, J. M. Jelley, P. J. Staniforth, B. G. Warwick.
Lincoln Dio. Guild: G. E. Feirn, D. A. Frith, J. L. Millhouse, P. Reynolds.
Llandaff & Monmouth Dio. Assn.: Mrs. J. S. King, M. J. Pryor, T. M. Roderick.
London County Assn.: H. W. Rogers, Mrs. O. L. Rogers, W. G. Wilson, D. Woodward.
Manchester U. Guild: M. C. W. Sherwood.
Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild: F. T. Blagrove, T. J. Lock, C. H. Rogers, B. C. Watson.
National Police Guild: N. S. Bagworth.
North American Guild: W. A. Theobald.
North Wales Assn.: E. V. Woodcock.
Norwich Dio. Assn.: H. W. Barrett, M. Cubitt, F. N. Golden, N. V. Harding.
Oxford Dio. Guild: J. C. Baldwin, W. Butler, N. J. Diserens, P. Walker.
Oxford Society: F. A. H. Wilkins.
Oxford U. Society: J. E. Camp, D. J. Roaf.
Peterborough Dio. Guild: E. Billings, B. R. Care, C. J. Groome, J. M. Tyler.
Railwaymen's Guild: E. J. Franklin.
St. David's Dio. Guild: J. Prytherch.
St. Martin's Guild: G. E. Fearn, R. W. Pipe.
Salisbury Dio. Guild: M. Hiller, E. J. Hitchins, B. J. Woodruffe.
Scottish Assn.: Miss K. M. H. Branson.
Sheffield & District Society: J. Seager.
Shropshire Assn.: Mrs. E. Stevens.
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths: J. S. Barnes, D. Beresford, W. H. Dobbie, D. E. Sibson.
Society of Sherwood Youths: G. A. Dawson.
S. Derbyshire & N. Leicestershire Assn.: J. E. Collins.
Southwell Dio. Guild: W. L. Exton, S. Humphrey, R. B. Mills, Mrs. B. N. Reed.
Stafford Archdeaconry Society: C. F. W. Eyre, C. M. Smith.
Suffolk Guild: H. W. Egglestone, C. W. Pipe, Revd. L. R. Pizzey.
Surrey Assn.: A. P. Cannon, S. F. W. Kimber, C. F. Mew.
Sussex County Assn.: C. J. Champion, J. R. Norris.
Swansea & Brecon Dio. Guild: J. A. Hoare.
Truro Dio. Guild: W. C. Boucher, F. M. Bowers, A. J. Davidson, A. Locke.
Universities Assn.: Revd. M. C. C. Melville.
University of Bristol Society: T. P. Edwards.
University of Durham Society: C. C. Monson.
University of Leeds Society: R. G. Green.
University of London Society: A. J. Frost.
Winchester & Portsmouth Dio. Guild: A. V. Davis, G. K. Dodd, J. Hartless, R. R. Savory.
Worcestershire & Districts Assn.: D. Beacham, A. C. Berry, W. B. Cartwright, M. D. Fellows.
Yorkshire Assn.: R. Brown, N. Chaddock, W. F. Moreton.

Apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from Miss J. M. Percy, the Revd. R. D. St. J. Smith and Messrs. R. S. Anderson, B. E. Bartlett, W. E. Critchley, J. T. Dunwoody, C. M. P. Johnson, B. Jones, G. S. Morris, H. N. Pitstow, D. J. Roberts, E. C. Shepherd and E. J. Sollis.

Report as to Membership:

The Secretary reported that 63 societies were affiliated, with 167 representatives. The Rules provided for 24 Honorary members, and there were eight Life members, making a total membership of 199. There were three vacancies. All subscriptions had been paid.

Applications to Affiliate:

Applications from the North American Guild of Change Ringers, the Durham University Society of Change Ringers and the Leeds University Society of Change Ringers to affiliate to the Council were received and approved on a show of hands.

Welcome to new members:

The following were greeted by the President: Miss K. M. H. Branson (Scottish) and M. H. D. O'Callaghan (Kent), neither of whom had been able to attend the 1972 meeting; and C. J. Champion (Sussex), F. N. Golden (Norwich), R. G. Green (Leeds University), J. A. Hoare (Swansea & Brecon), C. C. Monson (Durham University); and W. A. Theobald (North American).

Election of Life Members:

Mr. W. Ayre was elected on the proposition of Mr. B. M. Barker, seconded by Mr. A. R. Agg; and Mr. W. G. Wilson was elected on the proposition of Mr. E. A. Barnett, seconded by Mrs. J. Staniforth.

Election of Honorary Members:

After the Council had decided that no vacancies should deliberately be left unfilled, Mrs. S. M. Drew and Messrs. C. W. Denyer, G. R. Drew, G. W. Pipe and F. A. White were re-elected, and Miss J. Foster and Mr. R. H. Dove elected Honorary Members.

Losses through death:

The President reported the death of the following past members of the Council since the last meeting, members standing in silence:-

Messrs. W. G. E. Collett (Oxford Society, 1930-45), R. Pateman (St. David's, 1967-68), H. J. Sanger (Bath & Wells, 1946-71; Honorary 1972-73), C. J. Sedgley (Suffolk, 1927-56), A. Tomlinson (Lancashire, 1930-35, 1945-50, 1954-56) and G. S. Valentine (Peterborough, 1945-50).

Minutes of the previous Meeting:

Subject to the addition of the name of E. J. Sollis to the list of those who had sent apologies for absence, and the amendment of the final sentence of the Minute on Motion c. to read

"After the motion was passed, the President ruled that it should not be retrospective."

the Minutes, as published in The Ringing World of March 2, 1973, and circulated to members, were adopted on the proposition of Mr. C. A. Wratten, seconded by Mr. E. A. Barnett.

Report of the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, page ii)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. C. A. Wratten, seconded by Mr. E. A. Barnett.

Report of the Honorary Librarian:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, page ii)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. F. Sharpe, seconded by Mr. F. W. Perrens.

Report of the Trustees of the Carter Ringing Machine:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, page iii)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. D. Hughes, seconded by Mr. H. W. Rogers, Mr. W. H. Dobbie was elected a Trustee in place of Mr. F. E. Haynes, who had resigned; the Secretary was instructed to write to Mr. Haynes, thanking him on the Council's behalf for all his work while a Trustee.

Balance Sheet and Accounts:
(R.W. 6 July 1973, pages xiv-xvi)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. C. A. Wratten, seconded by Mr. E. A. Barnett. Mr. W. G. Wilson undertook to ascertain on what a tax liability of £253, shown in The Ringing World accounts, was based.

Change in Subscriptions:

After Mr. C. A. Wratten had proposed, and Mr. E. A. Barnett seconded, a motion that the representative member's subscription be £1.50 from 1 January 1974, an amendment that the subscription be £2 per representative was proposed by Mr. F. Reynolds, seconded by Mr. G. W. Pipe. The amendment was passed and, on being put as the substantive motion, received a large majority in favour.

New Committees:

On behalf of the Administrative Committee, Mr. D. Beresford proposed, and Mr. F. Sharpe seconded, the formation of a committee to tackle the problem of redundant bells; the terms of reference would be those set out in the Administrative Committee's report (R.W. 29 June 1973, page v). It was agreed that such a committee, to be known as the Committee for Redundant Bells and with a membership not necessarily limited to five, be set up. The President of the Council, the Very Revd. A. G. G. Thurlow, Canon K. W. H. Felstead, Miss J. Foster and Messrs. D. Beresford, A. Frost and F. Sharpe were elected to form the committee.

The formation of a Computer Co-ordination Committee was proposed by Mr. J. R. Taylor and seconded by Dr. J. C. Baldwin. This would (a) collect information on ringing problems being tackled with the aid of computers; (b) provide a means of exchanging information on techniques used; (c) assist Council committees as required; (d) investigate whether computers might be used in other branches of ringing; and (e) report to the Council on significant developments. This was agreed, and Messrs. J. C. Baldwin, S. J. Ivin, D. E. Sibson, J. R. Taylor and C. A. Wratten were elected to form the committee.


  1. Proposed by Mr. E. Billings, seconded by Mr. C. J. Groome,

    "That Rule 12 (v) be amended to read:-

    Each committee shall appoint a chairman, shall report annually to the Council on its activities and shall provide a list of meetings held and a record of attendance of individual members. All reports, except that of the Administrative Committee, shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary where possible three months before the Council meeting."

    The motion was lost.

  2. Proposed, on behalf of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild, by Mr. G. K. Dodd, seconded by Mr. A. V. Davis,

    "That the Council accepts in its records the five peals of Caters rung on the nine bells of All Saints' Church, Basingstoke, prior to the Council's present decision, as requested by an overwhelming majority vote taken at the Annual General Meeting of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild."

    The motion was lost.


(These were published in The Ringing World as shown.)

Administrative Committee:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, page v)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. C. A. Wratten, seconded by Mr. F. E. Dukes.

Biographies Committee:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, page v)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. T. J. Lock, seconded by Mr. W. H. Viggers.

Education Committee:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, pages v-vi)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. W. F. Moreton, seconded by Mr. N. Chaddock. Mr. Moreton reported that Mr. R. B. Smith had been co-opted to the Committee.

Methods Committee:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, page vi)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. C. K. Lewis, seconded by Mr. W. Ayre.

Peals Analysis Committee:
(R.W. 29 June 1973, pages vi-viii; 6 July 1973, page ix)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. F. B. Lufkin, seconded by Mr. C. H. Rogers, after the Council had voted to recognise a peal of Cambridge Surprise Minor rung at Cox Green on 25 September 1970, and not to recognise peals of 210 and 290 Surprise Minor methods rung by the London University Society during 1972 since these had contained methods false in the plain course.

Mr. Lufkin reported that Mr. D. Sloman had been co-opted to the Committee.

Peal Composition Committee:
(R.W. 6 July 1973, page ix)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. R. F. B. Speed, seconded by Mr. G. E. Feirn.

Publications Committee:
(R.W. 6 July 1973, page ix)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. G. R. Drew, seconded by Mr. W. F. Moreton.

Public Relations Committee:
(R.W. 6 July 1973, pages x-xi)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. J. S. Mason, seconded by Mrs. J. S. King, after the motion

"That this Council feels that a better choice of bells and standard of ringing should be the objective of future daily radio broadcasts."

proposed by Mr. C. W. Pipe and seconded by Mr. P. G. Smart, had been defeated.

Records Committee:
(R.W. 6 July 1973, page xi)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. F. T. Blagrove, seconded by Mr. D. E. Sibson.

The Ringing World Committee:
(R.W. 6 July 1973, page xii)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. W. G. Wilson, seconded by Mr. D. A. Bayles.

Towers and Belfries Committee:
(R.W. 6 July 1973, page xiii)

Adopted on the proposition of the Revd. J. G. M. Scott, seconded by Mr. B. D. Threlfall. Mr. G. W. Massey was elected to serve on the committee in place of the late Mr. H. J. Sanger.

Future meetings:

The Council accepted the invitation of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild to hold the 1975 meeting in Lincoln; the President and Mr. J. L. Millhouse undertook to investigate the implications of holding the meeting on a Monday, and to report back at the 1974 meeting.

An invitation from the Hereford Diocesan Guild to meet at Hereford in 1976 was accepted; and note was taken of an invitation from the Salisbury Diocesan Guild for the Council to meet at Salisbury in 1982, when the Guild would be celebrating its centenary.

Votes of thanks:

On the motion of the President, the thanks of the Council were extended to the Revd. Alan Pyburn for conducting the Council's corporate Evensong; to the officers of the Oxford Society and the Oxford Diocesan Guild and their organising committee for their arrangements and for the reception; to incumbents for the use of their bells; to the chairmen and principal speakers at the two pre-Council open meetings; and to the Honorary Secretary.

The President was thanked for his handling of the meeting, and Miss D. E. Colgate for her assistance to the Editor of The Ringing World and to the Hon. Secretary in recording the proceedings.

Wholly represented53131-
Partly represented91913
Not represented4-7


Life members62
Honorary members174


The Ringing World, March 22, 1974, pages 248 to 249

(Archivist’s note: also absent were J. F. Smallwood (Life), Sir J. Betjeman, W. A. Osborn and P. L. Taylor (Honorary), H. C. Lonyon and D. Mottershead (Chester Dio. Guild), J Hine, H. Pidler and A. Tapper (Devon Assn.), P. W. Brown (Irish Assn.), N. Bennett (Lancashire Assn.), J. W. Cotton (Midland Counties Guild) and G. Francis (Sussex County Assn.))

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