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108 Major
109 Major
110 Major
3-1-3 Major
70th Birthday Major
75th Birthday Major
80th Birthday Minor
90th Birthday Major


Aachen Royal
Aalst Major
Aardvark Major
Aardwolf Major
Aars Major
Ab Major
Abaco Major
Abaia Major
Abau Major
Abbess Roding Minor
Abbeydale Major
Abbeydore Major
Abbey Meads Major
Abbey Stadium Royal
Abbots Bromley Major
Abbots Langley Major
Abbots Leigh Minor
Abbots Ripton Major
Abbotswood Royal
Abbott Major
Abchurch Royal
Abel Magwitch Major
Aberafan Major
Aberdeen Major
Aberdour Castle Minor
Abergavenny Royal
Abergavenny Castle Major
Abergele Royal
Aberhonddu Major
Abermaw Major
Abha Major
Abingdon Royal
Abington Major
Abney Park Major
Abonae Major
Abravannus Major
Abthorpe Major
Abus Major
Abyy Major
Acapulco Royal
Acavancure Royal
Accrington Major
Achilles Major
A'Chralaig Minor
Achurch Major
Ackworth Minor
Acle Minor
A.C.S. Minor
Actinium Major
Actinon Major
Actinouranium Major
Actium Royal
Acton Major
Acton-by-Nantwich Minor
Acton Town Major
Adak Major
Adam and Jack's Northern Adventure Major
Adamantium Major
Adams Park Maximus
A Dangerous Mind Minor
Ad Ansam Major
Adar Major
Adbaston Major
Addenburgh Major
Adderbury Major
Addington Major
Adelachestone Royal
Adelaide Major
Adforton Major
Adhoi Major
Adlington Major
Adminius Minor
Adnams Lighthouse Minor
Adolphus Meetkerke Minor
Adonis Maximus
Ad Pontem Major
Ad Pontes Major
Adraj Major
Adrastea Major
Adron Major
Adstone Royal
Advent Major
Advent Sunday Minor
Adventurers' Fen Maximus
Aebudae Major
Aemodae Major
Aeons Little Major
Aerilon Fourteen
Aesica Major
Afan Major
A Fishmonger and Judith's Hat Minor
Afula Major
Agathon Fourteen
Agelessness Major
Ageratum Major
Agra Major
Ahar Major
Ailsa Craig Minor
Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Minor
Aintree Major
Air Major
Aire Major
Ajax Major
Ajib Major
Ako Major
Alabama Major
Alabum Major
Alamein Minor
Alauna Major
Albanian Royal
Albanian Maximus
Albanian Fourteen
Albany Minor
Albert Road Major
Albi Major
Albury Major
Alcombe Major
Alconbury Major
Alcuin College Major
Aldbourne Major
Aldbury Major
Aldebaran Maximus
Aldenham Major
Aldenham Royal
Aldenham Maximus
Alderbury Major
Aldergrove Royal
Aldermary Major
Aldermaston Major
Alderney Major
Alderney Lighthouse Minor
Aldersgate Major
Aldershot Major
Alderton Royal
Aldgate Major
Aldridge Major
Aldrin Minor
Aldsworth Royal
Aldwark Royal
Aldwarke Major
Aldwincle Royal
Alexander Royal
Alexandra Minor
Alexandria Major
Alexandrite Major
Alfold Minor
Alford Major
Algo Major
Alice Major
Alice Holt Forest Minor
Aligarh Royal
Alinoe Major
Alisonian Major
Allan Major
Allbrook Royal
Allendale Minor
Allendale Major
Allendale Royal
Allenheads Major
Aller Brook Minor
Allesley Major
Allexton Royal
All Fools' Major
Allingham Major
Allington Royal
Alloa Major
Alloa Royal
Allotment Major
Alloway Major
All Square Minor
Almar Major
Almondsbury Major
Alnilam Maximus
Alnitak Maximus
Alnmouth Minor
Alnwick Minor
Alnwick Major
Alnwick Castle Major
Alobergium Major
Alone Major
Aloo Gobi Minor
Alopecia Major
Aloysius Royal
Alperton Major
Alphabet Ring Minor
Alphin Brook Royal
Alresford Major
Alternative Major
Althorp Royal
Alton Major
Alton Water Minor
Aluminium Major
Aluminum Major
Alvediston Major
Alverstoke Major
Alverton Minor
Alvington Major
Alvionus Major
Alwalton Major
Amalthea Major
Amb Major
Amber Major
Ambergate Major
Ambergris Major
Amberley Major
Amber Valley Major
Ambion Royal
Amble Minor
Amblecote Major
Ambleside Major
Ambridge Major
Amelie Major
Americium Major
Amersham Major
Amersham Maximus
Amesbury Major
Amethyst Major
Amla Major
Amnesty Major
Amport Minor
Amsterdam Major
Ananke Major
Anas Major
Ancalites Major
Ancient Druids Major
An Cliseam Minor
Andamooka Major
Anderida Major
Anderita Major
Andorra La Vella Major
Andover Major
Andromeda Maximus
Andros Major
Anegada Major
Angel Major
Angela Bass Major
Angelus Minor
Anglesea Major
Anglesey Major
Anglezarke Major
Anglia Royal
Anguilla Major
Anicetis Major
Aniseed Twists Minor
Anjeric Royal
Ankh-Morpork Major
Annable's London Minor
Annable's London Major
Annable's London Little Major
Annanhill Royal
Anne's New Kettle Major
Annet Royal
Annfield Plain Major
Anniversary Major
Anno Domini Minor
Anode Major
Anodyne Major
Anstey Royal
An Teallach Minor
Antigua Major
Anti-Medusa Major
Antimony Major
Antioch Major
Antipodes Major
Antrim Royal
Anvil Point Lighthouse Minor
Anzac Cove Minor
Aonach Beag Royal
Aonach Eagach Royal
Apathy Minor
Apaunaris Major
Apethorpe Major
Aphrodite Major
API-Natural Royal
Apollo Minor
Apoplexy Major
Appleby Minor
Appledore Major
Appleford Minor
Applegate Maximus
Appleton Royal
Appletree Royal
Appletree Village Major
April Major
Apsley Major
Apsley Maximus
Aquae Arnemettae Major
Aquae Calidae Major
Aquae Sulis Major
Aquamarine Major
Aquarion Fourteen
Aquarius Major
Aquitania Major
Aracar Maximus
Aragog Major
A Random Thought Minor
Aran Fawddwy Minor
Arbeia Major
Arborfield Minor
Arbury Royal
Arcadia Major
Arch Brook Minor
Archdeacon Johnson Major
Archway Minor
Archy Styrigg Minor
Ardastra Major
Ardeley Major
Ardessie Royal
Ardez Major
Ardingly Major
Ardington Minor
Ardleigh Major
Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Minor
Ardotalia Major
Ardua Major
Ares Major
Argentina Major
Argentum Major
Argistillum Major
Argon Major
Argyll Royal
Ariel Maximus
Ariella Fourteen
Aries Major
Aristarchus Minor
Arkansas Major
Arkley Major
Arklow Major
Arksey Major
Arlecdon Major
Arley Minor
Arlington Minor
Armada Minor
Armagh Major
Armardar Minor
Armidale Major
Armis Major
Armistice Major
Armistice Centennial Minor
Armitage Royal
Armley Major
Armstrong Minor
Arnesby Major
Arpil Major
Arran Minor
Arrecife Royal
Arrieta Royal
Arsenic Major
Arsk Major
Artaxerxes Major
Artemis Royal
Arthingworth Major
Arthog Major
Arthur Major
Arthur Phillip Major
Arundel Major
Asaph Hall Maximus
Ascension Major
Ascension Day Major
Asfordby Royal
Asgarby Royal
Ash Minor
Ashburton Major
Ashbury Minor
Ashby Royal
Ashby de la Zouch Major
Ashby Folville Major
Ashchurch Minor
Ashdon Major
Ashdown Little Major
Ashendon Maximus
Ashes Major
Asheville Major
Ashford Major
Ashgate Royal
Ashill Minor
Ashingdon Minor
Ashington Major
Ashleworth Minor
Ashley Major
Ashmansworth Major
Ashmansworth Royal
Ashmere Major
Ashover Maximus
Ashridge Major
Ashtead Major
Ashton Maximus
Ashton Gate Royal
Ashton-under-Hill Minor
Ashton-under-Lyne Major
Ashurst Major
Ashwell Major
Ashworth Major
Askernish Royal
Askival Minor
Aslackby Fen Minor
Aslockton Minor
Aspatria Major
Aspenden Major
Asselby Royal
Assheton Little Maximus
Asshstede Major
Astatine Major
Astbury Maximus
Astcote Major
Aston Major
Aston Clinton Royal
Aston Flamville Royal
Aston Ingham Minor
Aswarby Major
Atecotti Major
Athelney Castle Major
Athelstan Major
Athena Fourteen
Athene Major
Atina Major
Atnax Royal
Atrabates Major
Attack of the Clones Minor
Attenborough Royal
Atworth Major
Aubergine Major
Audley Minor
Audley End Minor
Audlie Major
Audrey Major
Aughton Major
August Major
Augusta Major
Aurora Australis Major
Aurum Major
Auskerry Lighthouse Minor
Austerlitz Royal
Austin Royal
Australis Major
Auxey-Duresses Royal
Avebury Royal
Aventius Major
Averham Minor
Avill Major
Avington Royal
Avon Major
Avoncliffe Royal
Avon County Major
Avon Gorge Major
Avonmouth Royal
Axbridge Major
Axelodunum Major
Axford Royal
Axium Major
Axminster Major
Axminster Royal
Aylesbury Major
Aylestone Major
Aylsham Royal
Aynho Major
Ayr Royal
Ayres End Royal
Ayston Major
Azzan Major

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