© Anthony P. Smith, December 2023

100 Surprise Major
1066 Treble Place Minor
108 Surprise Major
109 Surprise Major
110 Surprise Major
121212 Little Alliance Maximus
1215 Delight Minor
125th Anniversary Bob Doubles
12 Victoria Street Block Minor
1815 Delight Minor
2012 Bob Minor
2016 Delight Major
20th Birthday Bob Triples
23 Treble Place Minor
2 Old School Close Bob Major
3-1-3 Surprise Major
404 Not Found Surprise Major
60163 Tornado Bob Minor
60th Birthday Delight Major
60th Birthday Treble Place Minor
65th Birthday Delight Minor
69 Treble Bob Minimus
70th Birthday Delight Major
70th Birthday Place Minor
70th Birthday Surprise Major
75th Birthday Surprise Major
80th Birthday Delight Major
80th Birthday Surprise Minor
'88 Alliance Maximus
90th Birthday Bob Triples
90th Birthday Delight Major
90th Birthday Surprise Major
90th Birthday Treble Place Minor
96 Treble Bob Minimus


Aachen Surprise Royal
Aaliyah Delight Minor
Aalst Surprise Major
A&E Delight Minor
Aardvark Surprise Major
Aardwolf Surprise Major
Aars Surprise Major
Ab Delight Major
Ab Surprise Major
Abaco Surprise Major
Abaia Surprise Major
Abau Surprise Major
Abba Bob Triples
Abbess Roding Surprise Minor
Abbey Place Doubles
Abbey-Cwmhir Delight Minor
Abbeydale Surprise Major
Abbeydore Surprise Major
Abbeyfields Alliance Major
Abbeyfold Bob Minor
Abbey Meads Surprise Major
Abbey Road Delight Minor
Abbey Stadium Surprise Royal
Abbeystead Bob Minor
Abbeyville Delight Minor
Abbot Delight Royal
Abbots Ann Treble Place Minor
Abbots Bromley Bob Major
Abbots Bromley Surprise Major
Abbotsford Ferry Bob Minor
Abbotsham Hybrid Major
Abbotskerswell Bob Minor
Abbots Langley Surprise Major
Abbots Leigh Delight Major
Abbots Leigh Surprise Minor
Abbots Ripton Bob Minor
Abbots Ripton Surprise Major
Abbotswood Surprise Royal
Abbott Surprise Major
Abchurch Surprise Royal
A Beer Bob Minor
Abel Magwitch Surprise Major
Aberaeron Delight Minor
Aberafan Surprise Major
Aberdare Delight Major
Aberdare St Elvan Place Triples
Aberdeen Surprise Major
Aberdour Castle Surprise Minor
Aberfeldy Treble Place Minor
Aberffrwd Bob Minor
Aberford Bob Major
Abergavenny Surprise Royal
Abergavenny Castle Surprise Major
Abergele Surprise Royal
Abergynolwyn Bob Minor
Aberhonddu Surprise Major
Aberlour Treble Place Minor
Abermaw Surprise Major
Abertawe Bob Minor
Abertawe Bob Major
Aberystwyth Bob Minor
Abha Surprise Major
Abhainn Dearg Treble Place Minor
Abigail Delight Maximus
Abingdon Bob Major
Abingdon Surprise Royal
Abington Bob Doubles
Abington Surprise Major
Abissum Delight Major
Ablington Bob Major
Abney Park Surprise Major
Abonae Surprise Major
Aborigine Delight Major
Abram Bob Minor
Abravannus Surprise Major
Absolutely Bolux Quadruple Treble Bob Minimus
Abthorpe Doubles
Abthorpe Bob Doubles
Abthorpe Surprise Major
Abus Surprise Major
Abu the Monkey Bob Doubles
Aby Bob Minor
Abyy Surprise Major
Academic Delight Major
Acapulco Surprise Royal
Acavancure Surprise Royal
Acaxao Delight Major
Accountancyisa Delight Minor
Accrington Bob Caters
Accrington Delight Major
Accrington Surprise Major
AC/DC Delight Minor
Aceton Bob Major
A'Chailleach Delight Royal
Achalganj Bob Major
Achalpur Bob Major
Achhnera Junction Bob Major
Achilles Surprise Major
A'Chralaig Surprise Minor
A Christmas Carol Delight Minor
Achurch Bob Doubles
Achurch Surprise Major
Ackhorne Alliance Royal
Ackworth Surprise Minor
Acle Surprise Minor
Acomb Delight Royal
Acorn Jay Surprise Major
A.C.S. Surprise Minor
Actinium Delight Minor
Actinium Surprise Major
Actinon Surprise Major
Actinote Delight Minor
Actinouranium Surprise Major
Actium Surprise Royal
Acton Surprise Major
Acton-by-Nantwich Surprise Minor
Acton Town Slow Course Minor
Acton Town Surprise Major
Acton Trussell Bob Royal
Ada Hybrid Minimus
Adak Surprise Major
Adam and Jack's Northern Adventure Surprise Major
Adam and Kirrily Treble Place Minor
Adamantium Surprise Major
Adam Seat Bob Minor
Adam's iPhone Delight Minor
Adams Park Surprise Maximus
A Dangerous Mind Surprise Minor
Ad Ansam Surprise Major
Adapur Bob Major
Adar Delight Major
Adar Surprise Major
Adbaston Surprise Major
Adbolton Alliance Major
Addenburgh Surprise Major
Adderbury Delight Royal
Adderbury Surprise Major
Adderbury Treble Place Minor
Addington Surprise Major
Adelachestone Surprise Royal
Adelaide Surprise Major
Adelaide Cavalcade Differential Bob Minor
Adelie Penguin Differential Surprise Royal
Adenine Delight Major
Adforton Surprise Major
Adhoi Surprise Major
Adlington Bob Cinques
Adlington Surprise Major
Adminius Surprise Minor
Admiral Benbow Delight Major
Adnams Broadside Delight Major
Adnams Lighthouse Surprise Minor
Adolphus Meetkerke Surprise Minor
Adonis Surprise Maximus
Ad Pontem Surprise Major
Ad Pontes Surprise Major
Adraj Surprise Major
Adrastea Little Alliance Maximus
Adrastea Surprise Major
Adrianople Delight Royal
Adrian Parry Slow Course Minor
Adron Surprise Major
Adstone Surprise Royal
Advent Alliance Major
Advent Delight Major
Advent Surprise Major
Advent Sunday Surprise Minor
Adventurers' Fen Surprise Maximus
Adwick Alliance Minor
Adzor Slow Course Minor
Aebudae Surprise Major
Aemodae Surprise Major
Aeons Little Surprise Major
Aerilon Surprise Fourteen
Aesica Surprise Major
Aether Surprise Major
Afan Surprise Major
Affpuddle Treble Bob Major
Affric Treble Bob Minor
A Fishmonger and Judith's Hat Surprise Minor
Afon Fathew Bob Minor
Afon Rheidol Bob Minor
Afterburner Minimus
Afternoon Delight Minor
Afula Surprise Major
Agasod Bob Major
Agate Delight Minor
Agathon Surprise Fourteen
Agelessness Surprise Major
Ageratum Surprise Major
Aggers Slow Course Minor
Aggies Treble Place Minor
Agincourt 600 Delight Major
Agra Surprise Major
Agra Cantt Junction Bob Major
Agra Fort Platform 1 Bob Major
Agra Fort Platform 2 Bob Major
Agran Dhulgaon Bob Major
Agrippa Delight Major
Agsauli Bob Major
Aha Surprise Major
Ahalyapur Bob Major
Ahar Surprise Major
Ahirauli Halt Bob Major
Ahju Bob Major
Aida Delight Minor
Aileen's Little Bob Major
Ailsa Bay Treble Place Minor
Ailsa Craig Surprise Minor
Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Surprise Minor
Aimlessnesses Alliance Major
Ainderby Bob Minor
Aintree Surprise Major
Aipe Delight Major
Air Delight Minor
Air Surprise Major
Aire Surprise Major
Aisa Delight Major
Aish Tor Delight Minor
Aistersheim Delight Major
Aisthorpe Delight Royal
Aith Bob Minor
Ajax Surprise Major
Ajgain Bob Major
Ajib Surprise Major
Akeley Little Alliance Major
Akeman Bob Major
Akenfield Alliance Fourteen
Ako Surprise Major
Alabama Surprise Major
Alabum Surprise Major
Aladdin Bob Doubles
Alamein Delight Major
Alamein Surprise Minor
Alamo Surprise Royal
Alan Foster Delight Minor
Alan's 70th Birthday Little Alliance Major
Alan Tracy Minimus
Alan Wilton Surprise Major
Alauna Surprise Major
Albanian Surprise Royal
Albanian Surprise Maximus
Albanian Surprise Fourteen
Albany Surprise Minor
Albany Road Treble Place Minor
Albatross Bob Triples
Albatross Treble Bob Minor
Albert Delight Minor
Albert Road Surprise Major
Albi Surprise Major
Albiniano Delight Major
Albion Treble Bob Minor
Albion Treble Bob Major
Albion Treble Bob Royal
Albion Treble Bob Maximus
Albion Little Treble Bob Major
Albion Little Treble Bob Royal
Albion Little Treble Bob Maximus
Albion Delight Bob Minor
Albion Delight Bob Triples
Alburgh Bob Major
Alburgh Bob Caters
Albury Alliance Minor
Albury Surprise Major
Alcedo Alliance Maximus
Alcombe Surprise Major
Alconbury Surprise Major
Alcuin College Surprise Major
Aldborough Bob Cinques
Aldbourne Bob Triples
Aldbourne Surprise Major
Aldbury Surprise Major
Aldebaran Surprise Maximus
Aldeburgh Treble Bob Major
Alden Surprise Major
Aldenham Bob Major
Aldenham Delight Major
Aldenham Surprise Major
Aldenham Surprise Royal
Aldenham Surprise Maximus
Alderaan_1 Hybrid Maximus
Alderaan_2 Hybrid Maximus
Alderbourne Alliance Minor
Alderbourne Delight Minor
Alderbourne Delight Major
Alderbury Bob Major
Alderbury Delight Major
Alderbury Surprise Major
Aldercar Alliance Major
Aldergrove Surprise Royal
Alderley Treble Bob Minor
Aldermary Surprise Major
Aldermaston Delight Major
Aldermaston Surprise Major
Aldermaston Manor Delight Major
Alderney Delight Maximus
Alderney Surprise Major
Alderney Treble Place Minor
Alderney Lighthouse Surprise Minor
Aldersgate Surprise Major
Aldershot Surprise Major
Alderton Alliance Doubles
Alderton Bob Major
Alderton Delight Minor
Alderton Place Doubles
Alderton Surprise Royal
Aldewarke Bob Triples
Aldgate Bob Minor
Aldgate Surprise Major
Aldgate East Bob Minor
Aldingbourne Differential Doubles
Aldingbourne Castle Delight Major
Aldington Pleasure Bob Minor
Aldington Pleasure Bob Triples
Aldridge Surprise Major
Aldrin Surprise Minor
Aldsworth Surprise Royal
Aldwark Surprise Royal
Aldwarke Surprise Major
Aldwick Bob Royal
Aldwickbury Delight Major
Aldwincle Bob Doubles
Aldwincle Surprise Royal
Aldwinkle Bob Doubles
Aldwych Surprise Royal
Alex Delight Minor
Alexander Surprise Royal
Alexandra Surprise Minor
Alexandria Surprise Major
Alexandrite Surprise Major
Alf Delight Minor
Alfie the Aussie Shepherd Differential Bob Minor
Alfold Surprise Minor
Alford Alliance Minor
Alford Delight Major
Alford Surprise Major
Alfred Poulton Bob Doubles
Alfred Seale-Haslam Bob Major
Alfreton Bob Triples
Alfriston Delight Minor
Algarkirk Alliance Minor
Algarkirk Bob Minor
Algarkirk Differential Doubles
Algo Surprise Major
Alice Surprise Major
Alice Holt Forest Surprise Minor
Aliganj Bob Major
Aligarh Surprise Royal
Alinoe Surprise Major
Alisonian Surprise Major
A Little Bit Slow Bob Minor
Alkham Valley Bob Triples
Allahabad Junction Bob Major
Allan Surprise Major
All Angels Treble Place Minor
Allantotoxiam Bob Minor
Allbrook Surprise Royal
All Cannings Alliance Doubles
All Cannings Bob Major
All Clear Delight Major
Allemthorne Alliance Royal
Allendale Delight Major
Allendale Surprise Minor
Allendale Surprise Major
Allendale Surprise Royal
Allenheads Surprise Major
Aller Brook Surprise Minor
Allerton Bob Minor
Allerton Bob Major
Allesley Alliance Minor
Allesley Surprise Major
Allexton Surprise Royal
All Fools Delight Minor
All Fools' Surprise Major
Allhallows Delight Major
All Hallows Place Doubles
Alliance Delight Surprise Major
Allingham Surprise Major
Allington Surprise Royal
Allington Castle Delight Major
Allington Lock Alliance Royal
Alloa Surprise Major
Alloa Surprise Royal
Allonzi Surprise Maximus
Allotment Surprise Major
Alloway Surprise Major
All Revved Up With No Place To Go Minimus
All Right Delight Minor
All Saints Delight Royal
All Saints Place Doubles
All Saints Nottingham Slow Course Minor
All Souls Delight Major
All Square Surprise Minor
Allt a Bhainne Treble Place Minor
Allwood's Delight Major
Alma Little Treble Place Maximus
Almar Surprise Major
Almondbury Delight Major
Almondbury Treble Bob Minor
Almondsbury Surprise Major
Alnilam Surprise Maximus
Alnitak Surprise Maximus
Alnmouth Surprise Minor
Alnwick Surprise Minor
Alnwick Surprise Major
Alnwick Castle Surprise Major
Alobergium Surprise Major
Alone Surprise Major
Aloo Gobi Surprise Minor
Alopecia Surprise Major
Aloxe-Corton Delight Royal
Aloysius Surprise Royal
Alperton Alliance Minor
Alperton Slow Course Minor
Alperton Surprise Major
Alpha Alliance Major
Alphabet Ring Delight Major
Alphabet Ring Surprise Minor
Alphin Brook Surprise Royal
Alpine Delight Major
Alresford Surprise Major
Alrewas Delight Major
Alrewosse Alliance Royal
Also Bolux Double Treble Bob Minimus
Alston Delight Major
Alstone Place Minor
Alta Kabano Bob Triples
Altarnun Bob Cinques
Alternative Surprise Major
Althorp Surprise Royal
Althorpe Delight Royal
Alton Bob Minor
Alton Surprise Major
Alton Barnes Bob Major
Alton Priors Bob Cinques
Alton Water Surprise Minor
Aluminium Bob Triples
Aluminium Delight Minor
Aluminium Surprise Major
Aluminum Delight Minor
Aluminum Surprise Major
Alvaston Doubles
Alvediston Bob Major
Alvediston Surprise Major
Alverstoke Surprise Major
Alverton Surprise Minor
Alvescot Little Bob Major
Alvington Surprise Major
Alvionus Surprise Major
Alwalton Bob Doubles
Alwalton Surprise Major
Alwoodley Alliance Minor
Ama Dablam Surprise Royal
Amadeus Delight Major
Amalthea Little Alliance Maximus
Amalthea Surprise Major
Amanda Delight Minor
Amausi Bob Major
Amazon Little Alliance Maximus
Amazon Delight Royal
Amazon Little Treble Bob Maximus
Amb Surprise Major
Amber Differential Little Bob Maximus
Amber Delight Minor
Amber Surprise Major
Ambergate Surprise Major
Ambergris Surprise Major
Amberley Bob Major
Amberley Differential Doubles
Amberley Surprise Major
Amberley Castle Delight Major
Amber Louise Delight Minor
Amber Valley Delight Minor
Amber Valley Surprise Major
Ambion Surprise Royal
Amble Surprise Minor
Amblecote Surprise Major
Ambleside Alliance Major
Ambleside Surprise Major
Am Bodach Delight Royal
Ambridge Surprise Major
Amdanda Halt Bob Major
Amdara Bob Major
Amelia Delight Minor
Amelie Surprise Major
American Horse Bob Caters
Americium Delight Minor
Americium Surprise Major
Amersham Alliance Doubles
Amersham Alliance Minor
Amersham Bob Minor
Amersham Delight Major
Amersham Surprise Major
Amersham Surprise Maximus
Amesbury Alliance Minor
Amesbury Surprise Major
Amethyst Bob Triples
Amethyst Delight Minor
Amethyst Surprise Major
A Midsummer Night's Dream Delight Minor
Amla Surprise Major
Amnesty Surprise Major
A Momentary Lapse of Reason Minimus
Ampney Bob Major
Ampney Crucis Alliance Doubles
Amport Alliance Minor
Amport Bob Cinques
Amport Surprise Minor
Ampton Bog Alliance Major
Amsterdam Surprise Major
Amy Alliance Major
Amy Delight Major
Amy Hardwood Little Alliance Royal
Ananat Paith Bob Major
Anandnagar Junction Bob Major
Ananias Bob Minor
Ananke Surprise Major
Anas Surprise Major
An Caisteal Delight Minor
Ancalagon The Black Treble Place Minimus
Ancalites Surprise Major
Ancaster Bob Doubles
Ancient Druids Surprise Major
Ancient Society of Efquire Leeds Youths Treble Place Major
An Cliseam Surprise Minor
Andamooka Surprise Major
Anderida Surprise Major
Anderita Surprise Major
Andorra La Vella Surprise Major
Andover Alliance Minor
Andover Bob Minor
Andover Differential Bob Doubles
Andover Surprise Major
Andoversford Bob Major
Andrew Treble Place Minor
Andrew Haylor Double Treble Place Minimus
Andrew's Achievement Bob Minor
Andromeda Surprise Maximus
Andros Surprise Major
Andy's Big Birthday Surprise Surprise Major
Anedasap Delight Major
Anedjib Surprise Major
Anegada Surprise Major
Anemone Delight Major
Angal Bob Major
Angel Differential Bob Minor
Angel Delight Maximus
Angel Surprise Major
Angela Treble Bob Minimus
Angela Bass Surprise Major
Angelus Surprise Minor
Angersleigh Bob Minor
Anglesea Surprise Major
Anglesey Place Doubles
Anglesey Surprise Major
Anglesey Treble Bob Minor
Angletwich Alliance Major
Anglezarke Surprise Major
Anglia Alliance Maximus
Anglia Surprise Royal
Anglia Surprise Maximus
Anglia Cyclic Bob Major
Anglian Alliance Royal
Angmering Alliance Minor
Angood Surprise Major
Angrave-Starkey Alliance Royal
Anguilla Surprise Major
Anicetis Surprise Major
Animals Minimus
Aniseed Twists Surprise Minor
Anjeric Surprise Royal
Ankh-Morpork Surprise Major
Annabel Delight Major
Annable's Chelsea Bob Minor
Annable's Chelsea Bob Triples
Annable's Diamond Bob Minor
Annable's Diamond Bob Triples
Annable's Hampton Bob Minor
Annable's London Surprise Minor
Annable's London Surprise Major
Annable's London Little Surprise Major
Annable's New Bob Minor
Annable's Richmond Bob Minor
Annable's Richmond Bob Triples
Annanhill Surprise Royal
Annapurna Alliance Maximus
Annapurna Surprise Royal
Annapurna Treble Place Minor
Annapurna II Treble Place Minor
Anna's Star Delight Major
Anna Valley Bob Major
Anne's New Kettle Surprise Major
Annet Surprise Royal
Annfield Plain Surprise Major
Annie's Fancy Hybrid Minor
Anniversary Caters
Anniversary Alliance Major
Anniversary Bob Minor
Anniversary Delight Major
Anniversary Delight Royal
Anniversary Surprise Major
Anno Domini Surprise Minor
Ann's Birthday Treble Place Minor
Anode Surprise Major
Anodyne Surprise Major
Ansford Little Bob Major
Anstey Bob Triples
Anstey Surprise Royal
Ansteyheights Delight Major
Anston Delight Minor
Anston Pleasure Delight Minor
Antarctica Delight Minor
An Teallach Delight Royal
An Teallach Surprise Minor
An Teallach Treble Bob Minor
Antelope Place Doubles
Antenna Minimus
Anthony Treble Place Minimus
Anthracene Treble Place Minimus
Antigua Delight Major
Antigua Surprise Major
Anti-Medusa Surprise Major
Antimony Delight Minor
Antimony Surprise Major
Antioch Surprise Major
Antipodes Surprise Major
Anton Treble Place Minor
Antri Bob Major
Antrim Surprise Royal
Antrum Delight Major
Anvil Point Lighthouse Surprise Minor
Anya Treble Bob Minor
Anything Bob Minor
ANZAB Delight Minor
ANZAC Alliance Minor
ANZAC Delight Minor
ANZAC Surprise Major
Anzac Cove Surprise Minor
Aonach Beag Surprise Royal
Aonach Eagach Delight Minor
Aonach Eagach Surprise Royal
Aonach Mor Delight Royal
Août Delight Major
A Partridge in a Pear Tree Treble Place Minimus
Apathy Surprise Minor
Apaunaris Surprise Major
Apethorpe Bob Doubles
Apethorpe Surprise Major
Aphrodite Surprise Major
API-Natural Surprise Royal
Apiro Delight Major
Apley Bob Minor
Aplinskiy Delight Major
Apollo Surprise Minor
Apollo Treble Place Minor
Apollo 11 Bob Minor
Apollonian Gasket Bob Minor
Apoplexy Surprise Major
Apple Delight Major
Appleby Surprise Minor
Appleby Castle Delight Major
Appleby West Bob Minor
Appledore Surprise Major
Appleford Surprise Minor
Applegate Surprise Maximus
Appleton Bob Major
Appleton Bob Caters
Appleton Surprise Royal
Appletree Bob Doubles
Appletree Surprise Royal
Appletree Village Surprise Major
Appletreewick Bob Minor
Applewhite Treble Place Minor
April Delight Major
April Surprise Major
April Treble Bob Minor
Apsley Delight Major
Apsley Surprise Major
Apsley Surprise Maximus
Apsley End Alliance Minor
Aquae Arnemettae Surprise Major
Aquae Calidae Surprise Major
Aquae Sulis Surprise Major
Aquamarine Delight Minor
Aquamarine Surprise Major
Aquarion Surprise Fourteen
Aquarius Bob Triples
Aquarius Surprise Major
Aquitania Surprise Major
Aracar Surprise Maximus
Arag Bob Major
Aragog Alliance Major
Aragog Surprise Major
Aramanda Bob Major
A Random Thought Surprise Minor
Aran Fawddwy Surprise Minor
Arasp Delight Major
Araucaria Delight Major
Araul Makanpur Bob Major
Aray Delight Royal
Arbeia Surprise Major
Arborfield Surprise Minor
Arbroath Delight Minor
Arbury Surprise Royal
Arcadia Surprise Major
Arch Surprise Minor
Arch Brook Surprise Minor
Archdeacon Delight Major
Archdeacon Johnson Surprise Major
Archer's Flight Delight Minor
Archway Bob Minor
Archway Surprise Minor
Archy Styrigg Surprise Minor
Ardastra Surprise Major
Ardbeg Surprise Major
Ardbeg Treble Place Minor
Ardeley Surprise Major
Arden Surprise Major
Ardessie Surprise Royal
Ardez Surprise Major
Ardingly Surprise Major
Ardington Bob Major
Ardington Bob Royal
Ardington Surprise Minor
Ardleigh Surprise Major
Ardmore Treble Place Minor
Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Surprise Minor
Ardotalia Surprise Major
Ardsley Delight Minor
Ardua Surprise Major
Ares Surprise Major
Argentina Surprise Major
Argentum Delight Minor
Argentum Surprise Major
Argistillum Surprise Major
Argon Delight Minor
Argon Surprise Major
Argyll Surprise Royal
Ariel Surprise Maximus
Ariel Little Treble Place Sixteen
Ariella Surprise Fourteen
Aries Surprise Major
Arist Little Bob Royal
Aristarchus Surprise Minor
Ariston Alliance Maximus
Arkadelphia Delight Major
Arkansas Surprise Major
Arkell's Delight Major
Arkle Delight Major
Arkley Surprise Major
Arklow Surprise Major
Arksey Delight Minor
Arksey Surprise Major
Arlecdon Surprise Major
Arlesey Bob Minor
Arley Surprise Minor
Arlington Bob Major
Arlington Delight Minor
Arlington Surprise Minor
Armada Surprise Minor
Armageddon Treble Bob Minor
Armagh Surprise Major
Armardar Surprise Minor
Armathwaite Bob Minor
Armidale Surprise Major
Armis Surprise Major
Armistice Alliance Major
Armistice Delight Major
Armistice Surprise Major
Armistice Treble Place Minor
Armistice 100 Delight Major
Armistice Centennial Surprise Minor
Armistice Day Delight Minor
Armitage Bob Minor
Armitage Surprise Royal
Armitage Bridge Treble Bob Minor
Armitage-is-the-name Bob Minor
Armitage-is-the-name Bob Major
Armitage New Bob Doubles
Armley Surprise Major
Armley Pleasure Treble Bob Minor
Armston Alliance Royal
Armston Place Doubles
Armstrong Surprise Minor
Armstrong Treble Place Minor
Arnesby Bob Doubles
Arnesby Surprise Major
Arnold's Victory Treble Bob Minor
Arnos Grove Slow Course Minor
Arno's Vale Delight Major
Arosip Delight Major
Around Surprise Major
Around 50 Slow Course Minor
Arpil Surprise Major
Arran Delight Royal
Arran Surprise Minor
Arrecife Surprise Royal
Arrenmore Bob Major
Arreton Treble Place Minor
Arrieta Surprise Royal
Arrochar Delight Royal
Arsenal Slow Course Minor
Arseni Bob Major
Arsenic Delight Minor
Arsenic Surprise Major
Arsk Surprise Major
Artaxerxes Surprise Major
Artemis Surprise Royal
Arthingworth Bob Doubles
Arthingworth Surprise Major
Arthingworth Treble Bob Minor
Arthingworth Treble Place Minor
Arthog Surprise Major
Arthur Bob Minor
Arthur Surprise Major
Arthur Treble Bob Minor
Arthur Dent Treble Bob Minor
Arthur Oakley Bob Doubles
Arthur Phillip Surprise Major
Arthur W Davis Bob Doubles
Arthur Whiting Delight Minor
Artistic Triples
Arundel Surprise Major
Arundel Castle Delight Major
Arvi Bob Major
Asaph Hall Surprise Maximus
A Saucerful of Secrets Minimus
Ascension Delight Major
Ascension Surprise Major
Ascension Treble Place Minor
Ascension Day Surprise Major
Ascension Day Treble Bob Minor
Asfordby Surprise Royal
Asgarby Surprise Royal
Ash Delight Major
Ash Surprise Minor
Ash-bashers Treble Place Minor
Ashbocking Delight Minor
Ashbourne Delight Major
Ashbourne College Bob Major
Ashbourne College Bob Caters
Ashbourne College Bob Royal
Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football Delight Major
Ashbrittle Bob Minor
Ashburnham Treble Place Minor
Ashburton Surprise Major
Ashbury Surprise Minor
Ashby Surprise Royal
Ashby de la Zouch Surprise Major
Ashby Folville Surprise Major
Ashby St Ledgers Bob Doubles
Ashby St Ledgers Treble Place Minimus
Ashchurch Delight Minor
Ashchurch Surprise Minor
Ashcombe Alliance Major
Ashcott Bob Minor
Ashdon Surprise Major
Ashdown Little Surprise Major
Ashe Treble Place Minor
Ashendon Surprise Maximus
Ashes Delight Major
Ashes Surprise Major
Asheville Surprise Major
Ashfell Bob Triples
Ashford Little Bob Doubles
Ashford Little Bob Triples
Ashford Little Bob Caters
Ashford Delight Minor
Ashford Surprise Major
Ashford in the Water Delight Minor
Ashford in the Water Treble Bob Minor
Ashgate Surprise Royal
Ashill Surprise Minor
Ashingdon Surprise Minor
Ashington Alliance Major
Ashington Surprise Major
Ashleworth Delight Minor
Ashleworth Surprise Minor
Ashley Bob Doubles
Ashley Delight Major
Ashley Surprise Major
Ashley Treble Bob Minimus
Ashmansworth Surprise Major
Ashmansworth Surprise Royal
Ashmere Surprise Major
Ashmore Green Bob Triples
Ashover Surprise Maximus
Ashow Treble Bob Minimus
Ash Priors Treble Bob Minor
Ashridge Surprise Major
Ashtead Surprise Major
Ashted Delight Minor
Ashti Bob Major
Ashton Bob Major
Ashton Delight Major
Ashton Surprise Maximus
Ashton Court Delight Major
Ashton Gate Surprise Royal
Ashton-in-Makerfield Bob Minor
Ashton Keynes Alliance Doubles
Ashton-under-Hill Surprise Minor
Ashton-under-Lyne Alliance Major
Ashton-under-Lyne Surprise Major
Ashton Village Bob Doubles
Ashurst Alliance Major
Ashurst Surprise Major
Ashway Delight Major
Ashwell Alliance Minor
Ashwell Surprise Major
Ashwicke Treble Bob Minimus
Ashworth Alliance Major
Ashworth Surprise Major
Asia Delight Major
Askernish Surprise Royal
Askham Delight Minor
Askival Surprise Minor
Askrigg Bob Minor
Aslackby Alliance Major
Aslackby Fen Alliance Major
Aslackby Fen Delight Major
Aslackby Fen Surprise Minor
Aslan Delight Minor
Aslockton Surprise Minor
Asokhar Bob Major
Aspall Delight Minor
Aspatria Surprise Major
Aspen Delight Major
Aspenden Surprise Major
Aspley Delight Minor
Aspley Park Delight Major
Asselby Surprise Royal
Assheton Little Surprise Maximus
Asshstede Surprise Major
Assisi Treble Place Minor
Astatine Delight Minor
Astatine Surprise Major
Astbury Surprise Maximus
Astcote Doubles
Astcote Surprise Major
Asterby Surprise Royal
Asteroid Treble Place Minor
Asti Delight Major
Astilbe Bob Triples
Astleham Alliance Doubles
Aston Major
Aston Royal
Aston Maximus
Aston Differential Bob Minor
Aston Surprise Major
Aston Cantlow Block Minimus
Aston Clinton Surprise Royal
Aston Flamville Surprise Royal
Aston Ingham Surprise Minor
Aston le Walls Bob Doubles
Aston Martin Alliance Major
Astrop Bob Doubles
Aswarby Delight Major
Aswarby Surprise Major
Asyut Delight Major
ATB Bob Minor
Atecotti Surprise Major
Athelney Castle Surprise Major
Athelstan Little Bob Major
Athelstan Surprise Major
Athena Surprise Fourteen
Athene Surprise Major
Athens Delight Major
Atina Surprise Major
Atlanta Delight Major
Atlanta Delight Royal
Atlantic Alliance Major
Atlas Surprise Major
Atnax Surprise Royal
Atom Heart Mother Minimus
Atomic Delight Major
Atrabates Surprise Major
Atrampur Bob Major
Atraps Delight Major
Atsom Delight Major
Attack of the Clones Surprise Minor
Attard Delight Major
Attenborough Delight Minor
Attenborough Surprise Royal
Attercliffe Bob Triples
Attleborough Alliance Minor
Atwa Kursath Bob Major
Atwa Muthia Halt Bob Major
Atworth Bob Major
Atworth Surprise Major
Aubergine Surprise Major
Aubourn Alliance Royal
Auchentoshan Treble Place Minor
Auchroisk Treble Place Minor
Auckland Treble Place Minor
Audley Surprise Minor
Audley End Surprise Minor
Audley End Treble Place Minor
Audlie Surprise Major
Audrey Hybrid Minimus
Audrey Surprise Major
Aughton Surprise Major
August Alliance Major
August Delight Major
August Delight Royal
August Surprise Major
Augusta Delight Major
Augusta Surprise Major
Auld Alliance Major
Aultmore Treble Place Minor
Aurigny Treble Place Minor
Aurora Treble Place Minor
Aurora Australis Surprise Major
Aurum Delight Minor
Aurum Surprise Major
Auryn Differential Minor
Ausa Road Bob Major
Auskerry Lighthouse Surprise Minor
Aussie Christmas Delight Minor
Aussie Heroes Surprise Minor
Aussie Olympians Differential Bob Minor
Aust Little Bob Major
Austerlitz Surprise Royal
Austin Surprise Royal
Austin Treble Place Minor
Austin T Wingate Bob Doubles
Australia Day Delight Minor
Australis Surprise Major
Austrey Differential Bob Minor
Authorpe Delight Royal
Auxerre Delight Royal
Auxey-Duresses Surprise Royal
Avalanche Differential Surprise Royal
Avalon Delight Maximus
Avalon Court Bob Major
Avalon Court Bob Caters
Avebury Little Alliance Minor
Avebury Bob Major
Avebury Bob Caters
Avebury Surprise Royal
Aveley Doubles
Aveling & Porter Delight Minor
Avening Alliance Minor
Avening Bob Cinques
Aventius Surprise Major
Averham Surprise Minor
Avia Delight Major
Aviemore Delight Major
Avill Surprise Major
Avington Differential Place Doubles
Avington Surprise Royal
Avon Alliance Minor
Avon Bob Triples
Avon Little Bob Major
Avon Delight Maximus
Avon Surprise Major
Avon Treble Bob Minor
Avon Treble Place Doubles
Avoncliffe Surprise Royal
Avon County Surprise Major
Avon Dassett Bob Cinques
Avon Double Cyclic Doubles
Avon Gorge Surprise Major
Avon Link Little Alliance Major
Avonlink Little Alliance Maximus
Avonmouth Little Bob Major
Avonmouth Surprise Royal
Avril Delight Major
Avro Treble Place Minor
Awapur Halt Bob Major
Awbridge Bob Caters
Awbridge Delight Royal
Awful Treble Bob Major
Awsworth Bob Doubles
Awtarnagar Bob Major
Axbridge Bob Cinques
Axbridge Delight Major
Axbridge Surprise Major
Axe Bob Triples
Axelodunum Surprise Major
Axford Bob Major
Axford Surprise Royal
Axinite Delight Minor
Axium Surprise Major
Axminster Little Bob Triples
Axminster Surprise Major
Axminster Surprise Royal
Aylesbeare Bob Minor
Aylesbury Delight Major
Aylesbury Surprise Major
Aylestone Surprise Major
Aylsham Surprise Royal
Aylton Slow Course Minor
Aynho Bob Cinques
Aynho Surprise Major
Ayr Bob Major
Ayr Surprise Royal
Ayres End Surprise Royal
Aysgarth Bob Minor
Ayside Bob Minor
Ayston Differential Minimus
Ayston Surprise Major
Azarias Bob Minor
Aznecaip Delight Major
Azura Delight Maximus
Azzan Surprise Major

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